Sunday, October 14, 2012

Best Part I

I miss having a best friend. I haven't had a very best friend since Marion moved away and left me here to die. I just imagine myself standing on a dirt road Marion driving away and leaving me in the dust. But that didn't happen of course. I just miss doing best friend things.

Don't get me wrong, Tom is a really good best friend but there is nothing like having a girl best friend. When you have a girl best friend you can cry when you feel left out. But not with a guy best friend because they get all weird and they just pat you on the back without saying anything. And they don't understand why there is water coming out of your face. When you have a girl best friend you can get ready for a party together! You can put some music on and dance around while you put your make up on.There are just so many things that girl best friends can do better than a boy best friend. Just the other day I was watching Terminator and it had this scene where Sarah Connor and her BFF are getting ready for a date and they're all dancing and having fun and I almost cried because I want that.*

I have friends obvi, but sometimes I just want someone to be at my house when I get home from work that just wants to be with me and I want them to love me and I want them to play with me. I just described a dog. That's what I need, a dog.

But its like a catch 22 or something becuase to have a girl best friend then you can't have a guy best friend because girls think you can only have one best friend. But I don't want to get rid of my guy BFF because they offer some really great insight sometimes! But a married lady can have a girl best friend...but I can't get a married best friend because I'm not married! And why do you have to be married to be best friends with a married chick! Why can't I get a married BFF? Just cause I ain't got a ring on finger? I'm with Tom all the's the same damn thing as hanging out with another married couple except we don't sleep in the same house at night...and stuff.... ok, the ranting is over.

I'm going to make a Best Friend Application or I'm going to get a dog....I think a dog will do.

*I DO NOT want anyone to come over to my house and ask me to get readyfor a date with them.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring time isn't even here.

Spring isn't even here in Rexburg yet but i am already thinking about the fall.

Although I am really excited about the spring. I can't wait to wear this pastel shirt that I bought at the DI a while back. I have worn it once but it must be worn when it is warm and it is sunny out.

The reason I can't wait for the fall is because I really want a dog! My very own puppy! And this time it's serious! You might have already heard that I'm staying in the fall. For 2 reasons: 1) I have to take 7.5-8 more credits in the fall before I can graduate. 2) I have accepted an offer from the lady at the Mansion to be her Nanny. I help her with her kids and her home, in return I get to live in her house across from Smith Park. I can have roommates! If you wanna live with me in the fall feel free to give me a call and I will save you room! So about that puppy! I'm guess that I can have a dog since Saychelle and Bryan have a dog! So that means I'm getting a dog!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Short Blog. Side affect of twitter.

Alright so here's the new blog that I was talking about. I feel like I need to get more comfortable with writing it. It reads kind of weird right now, don't you think? Woe is me. It'll get better I hope.

Friday, March 2, 2012

New and Improved

I'm starting a new blog. I don't know what I'm going to call it yet. It's important what I call it since it's just for a class that I'm taking this semester. Basically I'm going to write about what I read about in the Wall Street Journal. At first I wanted it to be a fashion blog based solely on the things that I find in the WSJ but then I kept reading all these other articles that I really liked and that I wanted to share with my friends so I decided that I just wanted to write about the WSJ in general! It's a really cool thing to receive the newspaper everyday. I'm gonna be honest though, I usually let it pile up 2 or 3 days high before I go pick it up and read it. It's just that I'm not used to getting mail every day! I'm trying to get used to it! When I have this so-called blog up I will let you all know and you can read it if you want. You don't have to cause it's really only for my teacher to see that I am awesome at writing blogs.

Other things:
- My work load is piling up and I am in a state of euphoria. Instead of being stressed I'm just happy. I think it's my body's way of dealing with the stress. My brain is all "Oh my! Vickie, you have so much homework to do...let's find something happy on the internet and just look at it."
- I'm pretty sure that this is the year that I will actually pass FA 100!! Holler!
- I'm starting to freak out about graduating and about what I'm going to do when I go home but once again my mind goes into a state of euphoria my brain is all "Gee wiz Vickie, you're about to graduate! When we go home let's swim all the time and play with Jupiter! OH! Let's get another puppy that looks like this
Money? You don't need money because you can spend all your life living with your mommy and daddy and going to the pool!" oh is that SO!?
- This may or may not be my last summer here. I really just want to live the life that Nadia lives. Marry a guy that has like 5 years left in school. OK!
- My youngest sister is a bad influence on me...
- And yesterday I bought birthday cake oreos. My favorite cookies with cake batter flavor! NOM! needless to say they are gone. They didn't stand a chance. ^.^

Sunday, December 18, 2011


This, my dear friends, is my 100th post! I have been trying to think of something awesome to write about. Or maybe something sentimental, something that would have you in tears but alas I could not think of anything awesome or sentimental to blog about. I also thought about writing something super funny but I thought I would leave the funny blogging to one Tom Widdison. So instead I have decided to write a list. Just plain and simple. A list of 100 different things that I have thought about, that I have done, that I never thought I would do or that I hate. You don't have to read it all though but thanks for the attention thus far.

1. I've been thinking lately that 1 hour just isn't enough time these days
2. I never thought I would be the partial owner of a cat, being a dog person myself.
3. I never thought I would live to see the day where I have 2 semesters left of school.
4. I never thought I would be away from my family for 1 whole year.
5. I am missing Christmas with my family and for some reason that makes me feel so grown up.
6. How did I live life without reading Harry Potter until now.
7. I also feel grown up because Tomas and I grilled a Salmon!
8. 100 things is looking like a lot to jot down...
9. I now know first hand how sad my dad gets during the Holidays.
10. I really like that Adele song right now.
11. What am I going to do after I graduate. Everything that I have done and worked for has been leading up to my graduation and I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
12. I have to get married.
13. I miss my dog.
14. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way
15. I want to see the good everyone and usually they'll live up to it. Usually.
16. I got a journal to write in because I really want to be able to remember everything.
17. I forget to write in my journal
18. I want to make a quilt
19. I can't wait for next semester.
20. I can't wait to be warm
21. I've been listening to a lot of hip hop and r&b. So much so that I don't even know what Indie bands are anymore. jk. (am i?)
22. I started running and I became better at it than I was last year.
23. I love the walking dead
24. The age I will be this coming year. Should I make some goals? Nah. Soon I will have no purpose in life
25. I am looking forward to going home so that I can make money and shop till I drop.
26. I want new (awesome) shoes for graduation. I bought new shoes for high school graduation. I can't remember anything about that except my shoes and the feeling of accomplishment.
27. I never thought that I would love Gossip Girl as much as I love it right now.

Things I want for this year.

28. I want to be good. At everything that I want to be good at.
29. I want to be consistant.
30. I want to be a runner.
31. I want to be a good student.
32. I still want to get in a fight. A physical altercation, if you will. But let's be honest, that won't happen.
33. I want to be nicer to strangers.
34. i'm never going to get 100 and keep your interest so I'll just finish right meow.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Unlock the Answer for the Future

My dad is coming to visit me!! Because I am so excited to see him I have been thinking about him a lot lately. I really miss him. He's the coolest dad ever and he's the funniest guy I've ever met. I've written about him before on this blog, I think, so I'll get to the point. The things that I have mostly been thinking about are the things that I have learned from him.

When I was a kid, I must have been 8 or 9, there was a lock floating around in my parents room. It was just a regular lock, the kind you have to have a combination for. The kind you turn to the right then the left then the right again. I didn't know what it was for but I was intrigued, probably because of it shiny peculiarity. One night I grabbed it on the way into my parents room and I sat on their bed. My mother didn't even look up from what she was doing but she said "put it back." My dad looked over and I looked at him and said "What is it?". " A lock," he said and i replied "I want to open it. Tell me how to do it." He just kind of looked at me and as he scooted closer to me he said. "Ok." It sounded like when you know that someone is in for way more than they bargained for but you let them have it anyway. He proceeded to teach me how to turn the lock in the right order and with the right numbers so that I could do it myself. At first I was having the time of life. I felt like a spy. I felt like if I could open this lock I would be on my way to opening every lock I came across. He had to explain it to me a couple of times and then he felt that I was ready to do it all by myself. I tried once, twice, three times and I failed all my attempts at opening it. I looked up at him and I said, with defeat, "Dad, I can't." His response was "Yes you can, try it again." I tried it again and my efforts were to no avail. This time though, I got mad and I threw the lock and I yelled "I CAN'T DO IT! I'M LEAVING!!" and what did my dad do? He got mad! He was pissed! He grabbed my arm before I leapt off the bed and he said "You CAN do it! Try it again! You wanted to learn to open the lock! SO DO IT! You can not leave this room until you open that lock." I was so mad, how could he sit there and tell me that I could do something that I clearly wasn't able to do. I sat there and as I let some tears fall down my face I tried it again. I don't know how long it took me to open the lock but I did it.
Something that my dad always said to me was "Are you going to let it defeat you? You are smarter than (fill in the blank)" The blank was usually something inanimate or an idea. It was usually a math problem or something. So he'd say " Are you going to let it defeat you? You're smarter than that math problem."
One time, he tried to teach me to how to drive his truck (a manual), he got frustrated with me and as he let me out of the drivers seat he said to me, "I can't believe this truck is smarter than you." And on the way home I felt like a failure. But to become smarter than something or someone sometimes you have to feel like a failure. This story has no end because I still have not learned to drive his truck but someday I will. That stupid truck ain't got NOTHING on me!
The lesson my dad taught me was to never give up. Never let something stand in your way or make you feel dumb. Now in my relatively old age, I am thankful for the night that he made me stay in his room until I unlocked that lock because now I have the determination to finish what I started. And I mean what I say or I don't say it all. Although sometimes I only apply this to things that I really really want to learn. Like crafts. Knitting, sewing, needle point and such. Sometimes for school.

I am thankful for my dad. Sometimes he thinks that I resent him but I don't. I may have at one point resented him and before that I may have sworn that I hated him but that was just the Teen Angst talking. Now that I've grown up I feel nothing but gratitude and indebtedness towards him (and my mother of course). I love him and I know that he raised me the best way he knew how.

(Noemi, you can read this to Dad if you feel the need to.)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Can't Stop Won't Stop

Ever since Noemi told me about the song "Alejate de mi" by Latin pop group Camila, I can't stop listening to it! It's a great song.

Other things things that I can't stop doing include but are not limited to:

-reading Harry Potter
-renting movies from the library
-eating candy
-eating ice cream
-listening to Eisley

Short list but it's true.

Also this is my favorite SpongeBob Sqaure Pants clip. I love SBSP!