Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Holidays are upon us.

And it wouldn't it be the holidays without some family drama right? Right. I'll spare you the details and tell you that as of Thanksgiving night at 9pm my family will not be spending Christmas eve, Christmas day, New Year's Eve or New Year's day together. I'm talking about my extended family. I thought the drunken fight just added a little flavor to the night but apparently it was more like someone put too much salt in the mixture. But aside from the fight and the stupid rumors that were brought up again, I was thankful for a lot of things. And although things have not been going the way that I would have hoped and things aren't easy right now I am still thankful for so many things.

I am thankful for...

the internet
my besties
my phone
my toilet
my running water
my mom
my dad
the food we have on our table everynight
the books i have to keep me entertained
my cousins
my cousins babies
my cousins pregnant girlfriend
my aunts (Ana, Rosa Elena, Chela, Evelia)
my uncle Francisco
my ipod
my little sister
my little brother
my big sister
my bed
my faith
my patience
the gym
the scriptures
my communication with my Heavenly Father
my singles ward friends
my TV
aaaand the 3 months of free HBO/Starz/Showtime/Encore!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sibling Dependency

I have pin pointed my dependency on Noemi back to my first homework assignment. I was in Pre-K, all I had to do was to color a picture of a clown holding some balloons. I finished my homework and showed it to my dad. And here comes Noemi and says "Vickie, you have to outline it first then color it. Here give it to me, it looks ugly but I can fix it." How was I supposed to color ever again without her there to fix it when I mess up. And when she left, how was I supposed to dress myself without her there to fix my outfit if it didn't match.

I did it though. I still love her and want her here with me but I don't need her anymore. I am one step closer to being independant.