Monday, June 15, 2009

2 posts in one day!?

It's Leah's fault. Doesn't she know I can't resist answering questions about myself?

1. What's your favorite non-food/ supporting food (e.g. ice cream cones (the cone itself), whipped cream, marshmallow creme)? oreo's and milk, mostly just the oreo though, I drink the milk fast so I can have my last oreo by itself.

2. Favorite book pre-high school?
Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. It's a book about this little girl, her family and her best friends in the holocaust.

3. Whose handwriting do you envy?
No one's. I like my own handwriting.

4. What does your blog title mean/ where did it come from?
I started a blog in highschool and I didn't want any of my friends to know about it so I thought it would be clever if "how did you get here?" was the first thing that they saw. But then when I started this one I liked the last one but I wanted to change it. "How did we get here?" is a pretty philosophical question so yeah.

5. Favorite chore (or least hated):
Doing the dishes. All by hand. Putting the dishes in the dishwasher is not what I am talking about, I hate that.
6. What's your favorite kind of chip (baking and dipping)?
Chocolate Chips. I like just tortilla chips.

7. Favorite animal (mythological and real)?
Myth: Pegasus Real: Tigers

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Felipe Saul Morales Gomez

Born: July 27, 1996

My mom was was pregnant with a child that her and my dad had already named Saul. She had a stillbirth and my mom's doctor said the best thing for her to do was try to get pregnant again. I vaguely remember my being mom being pregnant the first time but not really. So i think like 2 or 3 years later my mom got pregnant again. It was a boy again and my dad swears that it's the same spirit. They named him Felipe Saul Morales. I remember when my mom got back from the hospital with him. I was so excited to play with him! Him and Noemi were buddies and I was kinda left out. Whatever. He had a short fuse and I would make him mad because he was funny when he was mad but my mom would get so mad at me for making him mad. When he was first potty trained he refused to use the toilet and he just peed off of porch. Then he went through a phase where he liked to watch things fall off of high places. He used to drop his toys from our porch and then run out and pick them all up just so he could do it again. Then when he got bored he would just leave them out there so my dad go mad at him and told him he couldn't do it anymore. He started dropping his toys from the top of our hallway to the bottom floor hallway. Then he wasn't allowed to do that either. So he moved on to being obsessed with his toy's heads being in the middle. I accidentally started that. He had gotten a new toy and I wanted to check it out so I asked if I could see it; he wouldn't let me so I was like "well I just want to put his head straight forward. In the middle." After that before he would play with his toys and before he put them away he would make sure the heads were in the "middle". He would ask everyone to make sure that the heads were in the middle. One day I got really mad at him for something and I took all his toys and twisted their heads so that they were not in the middle. He FREAKED out! He screamed and cried and through a fit.
Now he's a pretty cool guy, I guess. He's mean to his sisters but I hear that boys grow out of that. I hope he does. He's the class clown and everyone loves him. Grown ups that are not teachers LOVE him. He's really friendly and he's such a flirt. Girls love him. Teachers stereotype him because he's mexican and half the things that they accuse him of are rediculous. But when he tries to defend himself he makes things worse for himself so one time I had to teach him that no matter what he says people are always going to believe the teacher so he has to be careful what he says. He's doing better now that he's in High School in Atlanta because I think the teachers there are less racist. One time my Young Woman's teacher made the mistake of telling my parents that he was going to end up in jail. I hated her after that. She had absolutely no reason to say that about him. All he did was pee in her next door neighbor's lawn, he thought it would be rude to pee in her lawn. So in the fall my cell phone was cancelled and so my parents told me I could have his phone. I've had his phone for about 6 months now and I STILL get phone calls from withheld numbers and they sound more or less like this:
Girl: hehehe *giggle* *giggle* omg hello? hehe (in the background) Omg he answered. you talk to him!!
Me: hello?
Girl: (muffled because her hand is over the reciever.)hehehehe oh my gosh!!
Me: HELLO!!!
Girls: Hello? Felipe? hi!
Me: no, this isn't his phone anymore.
Girl: Oh really :(
Me: yes, this hasn't been his phone since January. This is his older sister.
Girl: (emabarassed) ohhhhk bye

Text from **nAuGhTy gUrL**: What if we kissed? (crazy Marion are you texting my brother?)

He's kinda crazy and he is not afraid to get hurt. This one time there was this cop living in the apartment complex and my brother and him were buddies so the cop took my brother and his friends paint ballin'. It was Felipe and his friends against the Cop and at the end my brother was the last one standing. He was as good as the cop and all of his friends were like afraid to run around one of his friends was so scared he just took a paint ball and and broke it on himself so he didnt have to play anymore. Thought that was a funny story.

I can't wait till he likes me enough to not yell at me and call me names. I think it will be fun.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Guadalupe Noemi Morales Gomez

I know this is a bad picture but that is Noemi on the left. She has her hair buzzed. Allow to me explain.

Born: March 31, 1987

Guadalupe Noemi Morales Gomez. Her first name is also my grandmother's name and her middle name is also my aunt's name. She was born 1 year and a month after my parents got married. We used to call her Mimi until her and I started middle school. She was a brat and when she was about the age in the picture she used to sing and dance at family parties. Our uncle would start sing with her and she would yell "YOU DON'T SING!! YOU DON'T SING!!" When he would stop singing she would continue. Has everyone heard the story about MY 5th birthday party? BRAT. About that picture: one night my cousin was getting his hair buzzed and she was jealous. She begged and pleaded my mom to buzz her hair too. She cried and she pouted until my mom actually buzzed her hair.
We became best friends in middle school. But before that she would KILL me if she ever found me in her room and she never wanted to play with me. I hated her.
She is currently on a mission and this is the first time that I have been without her since I was born. I miss her so much and I can't wait for to get back. Or for her emails on Mondays. She's so awesome. During our "show" years she used to get us backstage allll the time just cus she was cute and she was easy to talk to. She gets scared easily and whenever she has a nightmare she always crawls into my bed. I miss her.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

La Familia Morales-Gomez

Ok so I got the idea to blog about my family from Marion. The only difference is that I don't talk about my family at all. When I do mention my brother or sister friends always say "Oh Vickie you have a little brother/little sister? cute!" Sometimes they even say "Oh Vickie, you have parents?" and sometimes I hear "Bickie no tiene madre" (< that one was funny only if you are Mexican)

I'll start with my parent because I do in fact have those.

My parents met because my mom's gay uncle had a crush on my dad and he invited my dad on a business trip to Guanajuato and to visit his family. On this first visit said Uncle wanted my dad to date my Aunt Ana so they went on a date kinda, they just walked around the little town. Later my dad went with this uncle again for another business trip and this time he met my mom. They dated. My dad was in with her family. My mom met my dad's parents and my grandma said to my dad "you should marry her." My grandpa LOVED her more than any of his kids. They had been dating for 3 months. My dad went to mom's house to ask her dad for her hand in marriage (how romantic) they said 2 or 3 hours later they were civilly married. He went up for the weekend and wanted to take her home with him but her parents probably would not have allowed it so they got married so she could go home to Mexico City with my dad. Later they had a big huge wedding in the Catholic Church. So my mom used to have this guy that was in LOVE with her. Said guy's name was Miguel Angel (Michael Angelo yeah?). He was a family friend and he volunteered to drive her to the church. Little did anyone know he wanted to kidnap her! My mom was 3 hours late for her wedding because of this guy. Side note -- 2 years ago said dude came to the states with his family because he is a family friend, he pulled my mom aside while at a family party and told her that he was still in love with her after all these years and that he would leave his wife and kids for her if she wanted. creep-- I digress. So my dad is standing at the alter waiting for my my mom, meanwhile people are starting to talk and getting restless. In mexico when people get married the groom and the groom's men wear the same exact suit and you can tell who the groom is because they pin a flower to his suit. By hour 2 my grandmother walked up to my dad at the alter and took his flower off so that he wouldn't be embarassed. Finally my mom got to the church 3 hours later. I don't know exactly what happened those 3 hours that she was gone because I've never asked her but I imagine they were spent arguing with Miguel Angel and trying to convince to take her to the church. A year later they had their first baby and they named her Guadalupe Noemi Morales. Named after both my grandmother and my aunt. When I asked my dad why he married my mom he told me that it was because he knew he was never going to find anyone like her again if he didn't marry her. Very logical. When I asked my mom how she knew that he was the one she said that the first time they kissed it was different that all the other guys she had kissed. Very emotional.

I have decided to write this in multiple blog entries first because i KNOW you don't want to read more right now, second because i'm bored and third because the others I think would be just as long as this if not longer.