Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not so much about Grammar.

Warning: If you are of the male species and you don't like words like "period" stop reading. But if you stop reading you are passing up the chance to learn more about your female counterpart.

My period always takes me by surprise. After 9 years you'd think that the element of surprise would be gone, but it's not. The only time that it didn't sneak up on me was when I was on birth control. I mean in 2004 I didn't get my period that entire year. That was odd. After I started college my cycle was starting to get somewhat normal. Any way the reason for this blog is Mood Swings really. I get the WORST mood swings! I should be able to tell when I'm going to get my period by my mood swings but I'm always too preoccupied with, crying, getting mad, losing my temper or trying to kill myself(joke) that I forget to think "OH I know why I feel this way!" Do you feel this way? I usually get annoyed at one specific person. I can never really tell who it will be but 8 out of 10 times it's Noemi (I'm sorry noemi) But recently it was Tyler W. I wanted to punch him in the face when usually I love that kid. I also cry really easily. Usually at something that someone says to me. But I never cry in front of people(unless I'm watching a movie but movies always make me cry) because I don't like to let people know that they have the power to hurt me. Plus I have no real good reason to be crying. One time I cried for 3 days straight because of the lack of communication I had with a friend. SO DUMB! I get irritated really easily and I just yell. And I get really quiet, and stop talking to people so as not to yell at anyone. Mood swings suck!

When I got my iPhone I got this app called Period tracker(shout out to Kynslie for showing me that app). Did it erase the element of surprise? NO! EFF THAT APP!! Ahem... But it did show me something really interesting. Biology is a funny thing. Have you girls with boyfriends(or boys with girlfriends, if you're still reading) noticed that maybe like for week or so you're like really aggressive with said boyfriend? It's cause you're fertile! It's your animal extincts trying to get the best of you! Good thing we have self control right? right!

Anyway, these are all just things that I was thinking about on the way from school today. I was also thinking about a nap. And the really weird weather that we've been experiencing. I'm freaking out here!