Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i always want more

I want more out of life. But before I can conquer that "want" I want to conquer this "want"--->I want more to blog about.

For starters, I often second guess my posts because I wonder "what if they don't like this?" or "what if this isn't entertaining enough?". Like just now, I thought those questions. And I thought about deleting it. I even highlighted it all and almost pressed delete. But I didn't (obviously). So the question is....what should I Blog about? There's this blog that has "fill in the blank fridays" and every friday she answers a few random questions. Maybe I will do that. And maybe I will post my lists from on here. Just the good ones. Maybe I'll have "listography tuesdays" or something. If you have any ideas on what I should blog about I am open to suggestions. Thank you and goodnight!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dear Barret D. Lybbert,
(and Marion)
Had my mother given me a different middle name I would gladly tell you. I thought about writing an entire post about my middle name. The subject would be my full name of course, with a pronounciation guide. I would tell you it's origin and why my mother picked this name. I would give you a brief history of how my aversion toward my middle name came to be. But alas I just can't bring myself to do it. It's not that I HATE my middle name it's just that NO ONE can pronounce it correctly and am therefore subject to ridicule. I say it, pronounce it, and use phonetic writing to help people but it is all in vain. When I get blessing or set apart at church I often think that maybe I shouldn't admit to having a middle name but the bishopric would know I were lying. These men have such trouble pronouncing it that they often whisper it and say it really fast so as not to embarass themselves. My mother is the only person who knows how to say it because she loves this name so much. Even my siblings have trouble saying it. Actually, come to think of it, I don't even think my siblings know I have a middle name! There are a handful of people that I have told my middle name to and they always forget it. Which I am not complaining about. I once told someone my middle name on the condition that he did not try to say it after I told him. He said it and I will never tell anyone my middle name again. Now the only person that knows it is Zach Gibson, only because he is sneaky and wrote it down. Don't bother asking him, he is sworn to secrecy. Maybe one day, when we are in the same place, at the same time, sharing our deepest darkest secrets I will tell you, with the condition of course of that you do not to try to say it. For right now, let's just say my middle name is "A" pronounced "Ay".

Yours Truly,

Victoria A. Morales

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A boring life= boring Blog

I have been absent from blogging since I posted last. My life is still pretty boring. I had a job, then I lost a job. I don't knit anymore becuase it's not cold out anymore so knitting is useless and frankly it makes me hot just thinking about kntting winter scarves in 80 degree weather. But I thought that I should just blog about things that have made me laugh or just random things that I have been thinking about.

* I like instrumental soundtracks and I have a few in my ipod. I like to play a game with my dad called "Guess the movie." I play an instrumental song from a soundtrack and he has to guess the movie. He's actually really good at it. I played a song from the movie Meet Joe Black and he yelled "MEET BLACK JOE!!" Close enough, Dad.

* I went to Nauvoo last weekend with my Singles ward! It was so awesome! I've never been before. My family are converts so we didn't grow up thinking "OH let's go to this church history sight for this year's vacation!" I'm so glad I went! It was great! I have a testimony of the Church and of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

* I am all talk no action

* I HATE making friends. why? Because somehow, I end up losing them all. (emo? yeah whatever)
* I'm pretty sure Noemi was given the oppurtunity to extend her mission. She asked me if i would be mad. I would not. But I would like for her to be home already.
* If you had a puppy that didn't want you, would you give him to me? I would give you mine if he didn't want me.
* Getting mad at people is hard for me, I want to be mad at someone so badly but being mad means losing valuable "talking time" and that's just not worth it.
* My Brother called Tupac, Toothpac.

There are more things that have been swirling around my head but it is late and I'm falling asleep. Sorry there aren't that many funny things! I'll think of more.