Tuesday, December 30, 2008

To live would be a

I had a very adventurous 2 days! 
My friends from GA that left for college are back! Talia, who was out in Provo, she's back and I love when she's here! Sunday after church we went to her house and we spent the night there. Sleepovers at her house are always awesome because we all sleep in a king size bed in the guest room and then when we wake up we tell each other what we dreamt about! It's fun. So Noemi went to work and Talia and I planned our day as we went. First we needed to go get some lunch so we went down to Old Roswell to this place called The Fickle Pickle! I ordered a fried green tomato sandwich! It was AAAAHHHHHMAZING!! Instant gratification! mmm. That was the first adventurous thing that I did. Because, doesn't fried green tomatoes sound nasty! It did to me but I tried it anyway and it was so yummy! Talia ordered a Brie BLT and then we switched halves and it was a good day. After lunch in the cutest part of all of Roswell we went to Talia's favorite park. This park is really just an open field with one big tree in it. It has a few hills and the grass looks beautiful in the spring and summer. It was a really good GA winter day. It was sunny and it was about 60 degrees out. We walked to the top of one of the hills and just sat there. The warmth of the sun was covering us like a blanket and I wanted to stay there for hours. But we had much more to do. We went to Target to fill a prescription then we rolled over to the Starbucks drive-thru to get some Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate. While we sipped on that we went to Trader Joe's to pick up some food for later and then we went to Blockbuster to rent "Fried Green Tomatoes". We went back to Talia's house and we watched the movie. I liked the movie a lot! I cried like a baby! When the movie was over, Noemi and Peter were waiting for us upstairs and we ate some food. Then we went to the store to buy ingredients to make Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes. We made them and they were delicious and gooey! And then we watched "the city" it's like the Hills... it is the hills except in New York. And the other part of my adventures was today! I hiked the trails at the Roswell Mill to get to the water fall and there was a rope swing!!! So I swung on the rope swing but I didn't let go because the water was cold. After that Talia, Andrea and I met up with Peter at Andrea's house to play rock band. Noemi came over and then we left to hang out with Clark and the gang. Clark is like Zach Gibson, but only in the way that he is the ring leader here in GA. We went to a topless bar (Tapas Bar) in Atlanta and then we went back to the Guy House to chill and we watched the Oregon-OK State football game when I left it was 35-31. 
I haven't had this much to do since summer when I showed some lame tourists around Atlanta. 
I was happy these past few days, in case you cared *shrug*

I will be in Rexburg soooooooooooooooooon! oh I'm so excited! 

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve post

Today is my daddy's Birthday! Happy Birthday to him!!!
It is also christmas eve and I am preparing myself for the huge feast that will be held at my uncle's house. There's going to be really yummy food! And I just really like hanging out with my cousins! My cousin Manny and I get along really well only because he thinks I'm really funny and I think he's really funny. Other than that we have nothing in common. He is really mexican and I am not. He actually laughs at the fact that I act so white. The words "Oh my gosh Vickie you are so white" have left his lips at least twice every time we hang out. I currently have to be very careful around Manny's dad because I think he's mad at me for going with Manny to get tattoos. So I'm the bad influence. So other than tonight being kind of awkward around my uncle I think it's going to loads of fun! 
Christmas time is always fun with my family. I can just picture it now... My uncle Manuel walks in with like 4 bottles of hard liquor and my cousin Pablo walks in with two 24 packs of beer even though there are already two other ones already there before the party starts. The women all finishing up whatever dish they were assigned to make. The smell of spices and what not in the air and all the little kids running around in their Christmas attire fighting over who they think will get the better presents. The young adults all sit around in the living until they are called in, to eat so that the grown ups can eat after them and they can keep the table for the rest of the night as they drink and talk about years passed and people they haven't seen since they left the motherland. And then out of nowhere someone busts out a guitar and the man most sober at the table plays it while the others sing along. Its like a drunk musical. Sometimes they even end up crying. The women, only mildly intoxicated, laugh at how their husbands are so drunk not realizing that although they are only mildly intoxicated they too look pretty silly just laughing at their husbands. The "ponche" (tea) is ready to be had, the young adults take their mugs outside and sit around continuing their conversation about how boring it is to just sit there. Those who are daring, go back into the kitchen and pour some tequila into their ponche hoping that the parents are too drunk to notice what they are doing. Midnight strikes, hugs and wishes of a merry christmas are thrown about. And then goodnight as people start to pass out and the kids start falling asleep where ever they can find a quiet little corner to sleep in. Everyone says goodnight but its not over because tomorrow on Christmas Day we will all get together again for leftovers. Christmas day is chill. 

Friday, December 19, 2008

Amanda is sad

My friend Amanda is sad and I want to make her a Mix of sad songs. 
In cases like these one might have the urge to make this friend happy but I think she needs to be sad. 
It's OK
It's healthy to be sad. 
She needs to cry and be alone. 
Which is why on December 20th I won't call her to ask if she's doing alright because I know the answer to that. She won't be "alright" and I can only help her by staying away. 

Any suggestions on the Mix? I have until tomorrow night to do this! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Paloma, no llores

This song has recently become one of my Favorite songs of all time! Its such a beautiful song and in the video you can hear just how beautifully Caetano Velosa sings it. I'll also translate it for you as best I can.

Cucurrucucu Paloma

Dicen que por las noches no más se le iba en puro llorar;
dicen que no comía, no más se le iba en puro tomar.
Juran que el mismo cielo se estremecía al oír su llanto,
cómo sufrió por ella, y hasta en su muerte la fue llamando:
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay cantaba,
ay, ay, ay, ay, ay gemía,
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay cantaba,
de pasión mortal moría.

Que una paloma triste muy de mañana le va a cantar
a la casita sola con sus puertitas de par en par;
juran que esa paloma no es otra cosa más que su alma,
que todavía espera a que regrese la desdichada.

Cucurrucucú paloma, cucurrucucú no llores.
Las piedras jamás, paloma,
¿qué van a saber de amores?
Cucurrucucú, cucurrucucú,
cucurrucucú, cucurrucucú,
cucurrucucú, paloma, ya no le llores

"They say that at night he would only cry
they say that he never ate
and only drank.
The swear that even the Heavens shuddered when they heard him cry
Oh how he suffered for her
and even when he was dying he called out for her
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay he sang
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay Gemia [her name]
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay he sang
Of fatal passion he was dying

A sad dove very early in the morning went to sing
To her lonely house with its doors wide open
They swear that dove is nothing more than his soul
he's still waiting for that miserable lady to come back

Cucurrucucu [thats the sound effect of the dove] Dove
cucurrucucu don't cry

The rocks will never, Dove
What do they know about love?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh how festive

So i went to the doctor today. I had this rash thing going on. It was gross. It looks like I have hives all over my hands and my arms and chest and back So I go to the doctor and she's all telling me that she's going to give me a prescription and what not. So she pulls me into this room to tell me about all the prescriptions and suggestions that she had written down for me. She's all trying to tell me what I have and I can hear her but it's hard for me to retain all of what she says because I only recognize the articles in her sentences? So what I got out of it is that it has something to do with my immune system and there isn't really anything that triggers it, it just kinda happens. And this has happened to me before. Once when I was in 3rd grade and again when I was like a sophmore in highschool or something. So yeah she was trying to explain to me how she knew what it was and she said that the rash on my back was shaped like a Christmas tree and I thought "oh how festive" and quickly tried to get back to paying attention to her. In the end all I know is my immune system is out of wack and I need benadryl, calamine lotion some steroidal cream and some other crap.

I'm neither here nor there

I just thought some, if not all of you, might appreciate this. I found it on livejournal. Its cool, I thought. 

I am looking for the Dark Knight to put on my ipod right now. And by "looking" I do mean "I just now thought about it after it was suggested to me like a week ago". I'll get to it! I got a ride to Rexburg in Jan. so now instead of getting there at like 12 am (because I thought I was going to have to ride the Salt Lake Express) I'm going to get there at like 9:30-10 big difference I know! I can't wait! And also, Noemi and our friend Amanda are coming to visit sometime in Jan. They will also bring our friend Lauren, whom we just met. Amanda and Lauren are both really fun and funny. 

I'm still scared of the airport. 

Friday, December 12, 2008

It was you that I dreamt of last night

All of my dream are so insanely vivid.
And last night I had the most Mexi dream ever! 
Scene: A neighbor hood. My front door is surrounded by bushes. 
So there I am walking down my driveway getting ready to walk into my house and I see my brother standing next to our house just kinda leaning on the house. As I'm turning my door knob I see this ugly girl wearing a joker hat, a tight tank top and really baggy blue Dickie pants (Chola!) so I think to myself "I'm going to wait a little bit, she can't see me through the bushes anyway." I hear them talking and in 2 seconds I hear a groan and someone hitting pavement. I look out and this girl is standing over my brothers unconscious body! I start screaming, she doesn't know that I was out there so when she looks at me she drops her knife. In shock she just stands there and I scream "DID YOU STAB MY BROTHER? DID YOU JUST F-ING STAB MY BROTHER? F YOU! YOU JUST F-ING STABBED MY BROTHER" (I have a dirty mouth in my dream. I'm a mexi! and my brother is a cholo, I have to have a dirty mouth) I go over there and he's still alive. She runs away and I scream after her "this isn't over b--ch!! I'm going f-ing find you!" I leave him bleeding on my driveway because I have to find a phone. I run next door and there are 2 little kids on their bikes I'm sobbing and screaming for help. They tell me that they will go call the police so I go back to my brother. The scene ends. Then I'm in the kitchen talking to my cousin Mireya and she tells me that she was in the backyard when the girl that stabbed my brother got there. Mireya says that said girl kicked her in the head and knocked her out. By this point I don't know where or how my brother is but I wasn't sad so I don't think he died. Another scene. I'm walking to my house with a friend, he looks like the guy from Pushing Daisies but its supposed to be one of my good friends. We have to walk through this tunnel/basement to get to my house. We are walking and we run into 2 girls. One of them I recognize as the girl that stabbed my brother. They are both in normal clothing, they aren't dressed like Cholas.  She's trying to get by and she doesn't recognize me so I push her and I say "I told you I was going to find you!" She's looking at me like "oh yeah, about that..." So I take her by the shoulders and I swing her around. Her friend has her fists up and she taps me on the shoulder. I say to her "DON'T! This is isn't between you and me! This is all her so you step back and let us deal with this!" The girl I want to fight is just standing there like she doesn't want to fight me so i cuss at her. And I'm thinking, "why doesn't this girl want to fight me! She almost killed my brother and I pushed her." She finally gives in and she hits me so I grab her by the hair and I just start wailing on her face. --You know how in dreams you never have enough strength to hit someone or run fast enough? Well in this dream I was so powerful-- I have this girl in a headlock and she's struggling to get out but I won't let go, I just keep hitting her and soon her head feels like I'm punching a pillow (which means that I might have actually been acting this part out while I was sleeping!). I let her go and she falls to the ground and disappears. This concludes my dream!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Movies will keep me company

30 days/4 weeks and 1 day until I leave for Idaho. 
This will be my first time that I go anywhere alone. As everybody already knows Noemi won't be back because she's going on a mission! Its exciting. Back to me! I'll be alone and I haven't been alone in...about 13 years... I haven't done anything alone in 13 years! I'm scared sh**less! (sorry! it's the only way I can describe it as strongly as I feel it). Noemi is always there to tell me what to do. I don't even think when I'm with her, I let her do all the thinking and I just try to keep her entertained. When at the airport I would let her think about where we were going and what we had to do. I followed her and I would do whatever she did. This time I'm going to have to pay attention to where I'm going and I'll have to know all my flight info. I'll have to go through security by myself and those people are scary! I'll have to be really careful that I don't miss any of my flights and worse of all...I'll be all alone with no one to talk to. No one to look at and laugh with when I see/hear something ridiculous.  Oh and also, if anyone has ever noticed, I speak in plural! I say "we" far more than I say "I", people are going to think I'm crazy when I do this now! I'm scared. 
On the bright side I have thought of ways to keep me entertained. It's simple really. Movies and books!
I'm going to need books because while I don't want to miss my boarding call (I've heard this happens!) so I can't have my headphones on. I need from you suggestions on books that I can read while waiting for my boarding call. 

I have downloaded some movies that I can watch on the way. So far I have "Beauty and the Beast", "Penelope", "Things We Lost in the Fire" and "the Royal Tenenbaums". I'm thinking about downloading "Pineapple Express", "Trainspotting", "Baby Mama".
Yes, I do realize that I won't have time to watch all of these but it's good to have choices. You should rank them for me. Which should I try to watch first? 

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Few and Far Between

My dad is Funny. 
I love him because when we hang out we don't talk and its not awkward
We both just prefer the silence. 
He misses us when we are gone 
He calls us just to say that he misses us
He calls us to tell us the latest gossip in our family.
He has the same sense of humor as I do, except in Spanish
He trusts me
Because his hugs are few and far between, I love his hugs the most
He says things like "FRIENDS FOREVER!!"
We make fun of everyone around us but he never makes fun of me.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

They Changed My Life

Music, it is a better friend to me than any one person. I started listening to music in elementary school. I didn't have any friends. Not even Noemi was my friend so I think I found solace in having noise around me.  I would sit in my room, play with my barbies and listen to the radio. I left the radio on when I went to sleep even though I'd have to listen to radio commercials. I still listen to music when I go to sleep. So this post is dedicated to the music that changed my life. I'll try to make this in chronological order but if my memory fails I apologize. 

  1.  Enrique Iglesias- Self Titled. My family used to watch this Soap at 7 pm. It was called Marisol and he sang the song at the beginning. I thought it was the best song ever! My dad bought me his CD. I listened to it on repeat all everyday! I took out the album cover and I took with me to school. I was in 3rd grade. 
  2.  Mariah Carey- Butterfly- I must have been 10. I walked into a "Media Play" store with my dad and I saw this HUGE poster of the album cover and I HAD to listen to it. I went over to where you could sample the CDs but right when I got there my dad said we were leaving. That year for christmas this girl from church gave me the cassette. I only listened to side 1 and 1 song on the 2nd side. I loved it! I listened to it 24/7
  3. Backstreet Boys- I was obsessed with them! I had all there CDs and I suffered ridicule from my guy friends from like 5-7th grade but I loved them so much. I think my friend and I even made a BSB Club. I had a whole wall dedicated to their posters. I watched them on TRL and I cried when I found out that they broke up, I was heart broken. 
  4. Sum41- The summer after 7th grade I heard their song Fat Lip on TRL and I was changed. I fell head over heels. I saved up 10 bucks so I could buy their CD. I called my friend Ryan (he was into slipknot and such). I thought he should be the first to know that I was changing my ways.  He laughed. By the end of 8th grade I was listening to The Get Up Kids, The Ataris, Taking Back Sunday, a little bit of Less than Jake, Something Corporate. More or less "punk"(names of bands escape me right now).
  5. Taking Back Sunday- Tell All Your Friends- I listened to this also 24/7 and even when I got new CDs I would listen to this CD whenever I could for the next 2 years. I went to see them in concert when I was in 9th grade! I was 14 and I was in love. I was introduced to Moneen at this concert. We left early because Saves the Day was headlining and Caitlin, Noemi and I didn't like them. We went out back and I got all of TBS to sign my shoe!! I loved the way that in some songs Adam Lazzaro screamed. 
  6. Fall Out Boy-Take This to Your Grave- This CD is so awesome. I can't describe it. Noemi, Caitlin and I saw them when they came to Atlanta before their second CD came out. I liked them but after that show I was irrevocably in love. In love with them, their music, and the way they performed live. I saw them again 2 more times. I was obsessed with them as well, I knew everything there was to know about them. 
  7. UnderOath- They are Only Chasing Saftey- I liked the screaming. It was good screaming and it made me so happy to listen to this! It still does! I love this CD. I think this CD is the reason for why I started liking "screamo". 
  8. HelloGoodbye- The Demos of their EP- I didnt own their EP until like 1 year after I knew them, I just had the demos of all the EP. Oh man, they made me feel like dancing! And dance I did. Molly would drive us to Target's parking lot at like 10 and we would open her car doors and blast the songs and we would dance, just dance! We were sooooo happy! I saw them in concert a few days before I left for my first year in Idaho. I cried. I was standing next to Molly and we were dancing. When the song was over I got choked up but then "Call N' Return" came on (it was our favorite). The tears I was trying to hold back, flooded my eyes and fell. We cried for the better half of that song but then we danced. This is also when I discovered that I liked to dance. I was changed! 
  9. Band of Annuals- Let Me Live- When I first heard this CD I was studying and I got up and just listened to it. I was in love again and this time the kind of music was unexpected. It tugged at my heart strings and buried itself way in there. It made me happy and it made me sad at the same time. It made me feel. It had been a long time since there was a CD that made me feel. It came at a time in my life when I wasn't sure anything could make me feel good. And then I found this CD and it was right when I was making new friends and they also would make me feel. Winter semester of '08 I had a flood of feelings that were dormant because there was so much change in my life, I think I subconsciously suppressed all feelings except anger. But that semester I rediscovered, jealousy, liking someone, the feeling that my new friends were, fast, becoming more important to me than myself, and I learned to be happy again (after 6 months of sheer anger). I will always love this CD. 
  10. Joshua James- The Sun is Always Brighter-This was my favorite CD of the Summer. This CD also made me feel. I've noticed that I love the voice of a singer more so than I love the music, that is to say that if at first I don't like their song but I love the voice I will listen to it again because of the voice, where vice versa it is not true. I love his voice! I LOVE it. I lack eloquence to describe to you just how much I love his voice.
  11. Kings of Leon- Only By Night- It came as a surprise to me that I would love this CD so much! I love the lead singers voice a lot. I still don't know exactly why I love this CD but I think in retrospect I'll figure out. 
That's it. I think this will tell you a little bit more about me. Maybe?