Monday, December 8, 2008

Movies will keep me company

30 days/4 weeks and 1 day until I leave for Idaho. 
This will be my first time that I go anywhere alone. As everybody already knows Noemi won't be back because she's going on a mission! Its exciting. Back to me! I'll be alone and I haven't been alone in...about 13 years... I haven't done anything alone in 13 years! I'm scared sh**less! (sorry! it's the only way I can describe it as strongly as I feel it). Noemi is always there to tell me what to do. I don't even think when I'm with her, I let her do all the thinking and I just try to keep her entertained. When at the airport I would let her think about where we were going and what we had to do. I followed her and I would do whatever she did. This time I'm going to have to pay attention to where I'm going and I'll have to know all my flight info. I'll have to go through security by myself and those people are scary! I'll have to be really careful that I don't miss any of my flights and worse of all...I'll be all alone with no one to talk to. No one to look at and laugh with when I see/hear something ridiculous.  Oh and also, if anyone has ever noticed, I speak in plural! I say "we" far more than I say "I", people are going to think I'm crazy when I do this now! I'm scared. 
On the bright side I have thought of ways to keep me entertained. It's simple really. Movies and books!
I'm going to need books because while I don't want to miss my boarding call (I've heard this happens!) so I can't have my headphones on. I need from you suggestions on books that I can read while waiting for my boarding call. 

I have downloaded some movies that I can watch on the way. So far I have "Beauty and the Beast", "Penelope", "Things We Lost in the Fire" and "the Royal Tenenbaums". I'm thinking about downloading "Pineapple Express", "Trainspotting", "Baby Mama".
Yes, I do realize that I won't have time to watch all of these but it's good to have choices. You should rank them for me. Which should I try to watch first? 


  1. I've heard Pineapple Express is a pretty generic pothead movie with a few funny parts, but nothing new or original.
    Most of the people I know who have seen Baby Mama liked it better than they thought they would.
    I don't really remember what trainspotting is, but I think it's probably good.
    Get Smart was a movie I went into with low expectations and ended up laughing harder than a movie's made me laugh since the first 2 or 3 times I saw Hot Rod.
    Also I really liked this obscure independent film called the Dark Knight. Sounds weird, but it has Christian Bale, the late Heath Ledger (RIP), and Aaron Eckhart in it.

  2. ooo! i'm going to try and find that obscure indie film! has a great cast!
    I heard the same thing about Pineapple Express but was hoping to hear something different, don't really want to watch it anymore
    thank you,