Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm neither here nor there

I just thought some, if not all of you, might appreciate this. I found it on livejournal. Its cool, I thought. 

I am looking for the Dark Knight to put on my ipod right now. And by "looking" I do mean "I just now thought about it after it was suggested to me like a week ago". I'll get to it! I got a ride to Rexburg in Jan. so now instead of getting there at like 12 am (because I thought I was going to have to ride the Salt Lake Express) I'm going to get there at like 9:30-10 big difference I know! I can't wait! And also, Noemi and our friend Amanda are coming to visit sometime in Jan. They will also bring our friend Lauren, whom we just met. Amanda and Lauren are both really fun and funny. 

I'm still scared of the airport. 

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