Friday, December 19, 2008

Amanda is sad

My friend Amanda is sad and I want to make her a Mix of sad songs. 
In cases like these one might have the urge to make this friend happy but I think she needs to be sad. 
It's OK
It's healthy to be sad. 
She needs to cry and be alone. 
Which is why on December 20th I won't call her to ask if she's doing alright because I know the answer to that. She won't be "alright" and I can only help her by staying away. 

Any suggestions on the Mix? I have until tomorrow night to do this! 


  1. Bishop allen- the news from your bed
    band of annuals - lower
    Cursive- the recluse
    the cure- boys don't cry
    eels- elcectro shock blues
    the elected- greetings in brail
    sufjan stevens- Casimir Pulaski Day

    . . .and pretty much any jonathan rice song

  2. i don't know the artist but the song is "if you are happy and you know it clap your hands"

  3. I wish I had access to my own computer so I could make sure I'm recommending the right songs.

    Brand New- Play Crack the Sky (I think, it's like the last song on Deja Entendu)
    Bob Marley- Redemption Song (It's more like a song about hope in sad circumstances, but that's the point, right? Express your emotion, cry it out, then get over it?)

    uhhhh, I could come up with a lot more if I could see my own Itunes library. Sorry.

  4. guys, thank you those were all great suggestions!