Friday, December 12, 2008

It was you that I dreamt of last night

All of my dream are so insanely vivid.
And last night I had the most Mexi dream ever! 
Scene: A neighbor hood. My front door is surrounded by bushes. 
So there I am walking down my driveway getting ready to walk into my house and I see my brother standing next to our house just kinda leaning on the house. As I'm turning my door knob I see this ugly girl wearing a joker hat, a tight tank top and really baggy blue Dickie pants (Chola!) so I think to myself "I'm going to wait a little bit, she can't see me through the bushes anyway." I hear them talking and in 2 seconds I hear a groan and someone hitting pavement. I look out and this girl is standing over my brothers unconscious body! I start screaming, she doesn't know that I was out there so when she looks at me she drops her knife. In shock she just stands there and I scream "DID YOU STAB MY BROTHER? DID YOU JUST F-ING STAB MY BROTHER? F YOU! YOU JUST F-ING STABBED MY BROTHER" (I have a dirty mouth in my dream. I'm a mexi! and my brother is a cholo, I have to have a dirty mouth) I go over there and he's still alive. She runs away and I scream after her "this isn't over b--ch!! I'm going f-ing find you!" I leave him bleeding on my driveway because I have to find a phone. I run next door and there are 2 little kids on their bikes I'm sobbing and screaming for help. They tell me that they will go call the police so I go back to my brother. The scene ends. Then I'm in the kitchen talking to my cousin Mireya and she tells me that she was in the backyard when the girl that stabbed my brother got there. Mireya says that said girl kicked her in the head and knocked her out. By this point I don't know where or how my brother is but I wasn't sad so I don't think he died. Another scene. I'm walking to my house with a friend, he looks like the guy from Pushing Daisies but its supposed to be one of my good friends. We have to walk through this tunnel/basement to get to my house. We are walking and we run into 2 girls. One of them I recognize as the girl that stabbed my brother. They are both in normal clothing, they aren't dressed like Cholas.  She's trying to get by and she doesn't recognize me so I push her and I say "I told you I was going to find you!" She's looking at me like "oh yeah, about that..." So I take her by the shoulders and I swing her around. Her friend has her fists up and she taps me on the shoulder. I say to her "DON'T! This is isn't between you and me! This is all her so you step back and let us deal with this!" The girl I want to fight is just standing there like she doesn't want to fight me so i cuss at her. And I'm thinking, "why doesn't this girl want to fight me! She almost killed my brother and I pushed her." She finally gives in and she hits me so I grab her by the hair and I just start wailing on her face. --You know how in dreams you never have enough strength to hit someone or run fast enough? Well in this dream I was so powerful-- I have this girl in a headlock and she's struggling to get out but I won't let go, I just keep hitting her and soon her head feels like I'm punching a pillow (which means that I might have actually been acting this part out while I was sleeping!). I let her go and she falls to the ground and disappears. This concludes my dream!


  1. effin a cotton! thats intense. thats what us in these parts like to call a wayne bass dream.

  2. lol!
    i had a wayne bass dream!? uh...sweeeet!

  3. i had a dream like this once . . . did you wake up and see sac making out with wutkee?