Thursday, December 4, 2008

They Changed My Life

Music, it is a better friend to me than any one person. I started listening to music in elementary school. I didn't have any friends. Not even Noemi was my friend so I think I found solace in having noise around me.  I would sit in my room, play with my barbies and listen to the radio. I left the radio on when I went to sleep even though I'd have to listen to radio commercials. I still listen to music when I go to sleep. So this post is dedicated to the music that changed my life. I'll try to make this in chronological order but if my memory fails I apologize. 

  1.  Enrique Iglesias- Self Titled. My family used to watch this Soap at 7 pm. It was called Marisol and he sang the song at the beginning. I thought it was the best song ever! My dad bought me his CD. I listened to it on repeat all everyday! I took out the album cover and I took with me to school. I was in 3rd grade. 
  2.  Mariah Carey- Butterfly- I must have been 10. I walked into a "Media Play" store with my dad and I saw this HUGE poster of the album cover and I HAD to listen to it. I went over to where you could sample the CDs but right when I got there my dad said we were leaving. That year for christmas this girl from church gave me the cassette. I only listened to side 1 and 1 song on the 2nd side. I loved it! I listened to it 24/7
  3. Backstreet Boys- I was obsessed with them! I had all there CDs and I suffered ridicule from my guy friends from like 5-7th grade but I loved them so much. I think my friend and I even made a BSB Club. I had a whole wall dedicated to their posters. I watched them on TRL and I cried when I found out that they broke up, I was heart broken. 
  4. Sum41- The summer after 7th grade I heard their song Fat Lip on TRL and I was changed. I fell head over heels. I saved up 10 bucks so I could buy their CD. I called my friend Ryan (he was into slipknot and such). I thought he should be the first to know that I was changing my ways.  He laughed. By the end of 8th grade I was listening to The Get Up Kids, The Ataris, Taking Back Sunday, a little bit of Less than Jake, Something Corporate. More or less "punk"(names of bands escape me right now).
  5. Taking Back Sunday- Tell All Your Friends- I listened to this also 24/7 and even when I got new CDs I would listen to this CD whenever I could for the next 2 years. I went to see them in concert when I was in 9th grade! I was 14 and I was in love. I was introduced to Moneen at this concert. We left early because Saves the Day was headlining and Caitlin, Noemi and I didn't like them. We went out back and I got all of TBS to sign my shoe!! I loved the way that in some songs Adam Lazzaro screamed. 
  6. Fall Out Boy-Take This to Your Grave- This CD is so awesome. I can't describe it. Noemi, Caitlin and I saw them when they came to Atlanta before their second CD came out. I liked them but after that show I was irrevocably in love. In love with them, their music, and the way they performed live. I saw them again 2 more times. I was obsessed with them as well, I knew everything there was to know about them. 
  7. UnderOath- They are Only Chasing Saftey- I liked the screaming. It was good screaming and it made me so happy to listen to this! It still does! I love this CD. I think this CD is the reason for why I started liking "screamo". 
  8. HelloGoodbye- The Demos of their EP- I didnt own their EP until like 1 year after I knew them, I just had the demos of all the EP. Oh man, they made me feel like dancing! And dance I did. Molly would drive us to Target's parking lot at like 10 and we would open her car doors and blast the songs and we would dance, just dance! We were sooooo happy! I saw them in concert a few days before I left for my first year in Idaho. I cried. I was standing next to Molly and we were dancing. When the song was over I got choked up but then "Call N' Return" came on (it was our favorite). The tears I was trying to hold back, flooded my eyes and fell. We cried for the better half of that song but then we danced. This is also when I discovered that I liked to dance. I was changed! 
  9. Band of Annuals- Let Me Live- When I first heard this CD I was studying and I got up and just listened to it. I was in love again and this time the kind of music was unexpected. It tugged at my heart strings and buried itself way in there. It made me happy and it made me sad at the same time. It made me feel. It had been a long time since there was a CD that made me feel. It came at a time in my life when I wasn't sure anything could make me feel good. And then I found this CD and it was right when I was making new friends and they also would make me feel. Winter semester of '08 I had a flood of feelings that were dormant because there was so much change in my life, I think I subconsciously suppressed all feelings except anger. But that semester I rediscovered, jealousy, liking someone, the feeling that my new friends were, fast, becoming more important to me than myself, and I learned to be happy again (after 6 months of sheer anger). I will always love this CD. 
  10. Joshua James- The Sun is Always Brighter-This was my favorite CD of the Summer. This CD also made me feel. I've noticed that I love the voice of a singer more so than I love the music, that is to say that if at first I don't like their song but I love the voice I will listen to it again because of the voice, where vice versa it is not true. I love his voice! I LOVE it. I lack eloquence to describe to you just how much I love his voice.
  11. Kings of Leon- Only By Night- It came as a surprise to me that I would love this CD so much! I love the lead singers voice a lot. I still don't know exactly why I love this CD but I think in retrospect I'll figure out. 
That's it. I think this will tell you a little bit more about me. Maybe?


  1. Welcome to the blogging world Vickie. So much better than f-book in my opinion because you learn about people instead of stalking them.
    Your first post is excellent. I started to "feel" a little emotion when you talked about winter 08 . . . wait, I mean, no I didn't. (Um quick, say something manly) FOOTBALL! BUFFALO WINGS! I BUILT A CABINET LAST WEEK! ARRRRR

  2. lol i love you quinn, thank you for welcoming me!