Thursday, November 18, 2010

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

My sister is back from her mission and sometimes I forget that I used to be social! ha
It's been awesome teaching her the ways of the world. Justin Bieber and what not. She really likes Fun. which I am happy about because they are going to play here in Atlanta in December and we are going to go. Originally Marion Dyer was supposed to also go to that show but things change.

I would like to give a shout out to my peeps, the ones that kind of took her place while she was on her mission and I was left to fend for myself. And I can thank you all now since I survived.

Thank you Zach for lunch, for music, for afternoons, for bikes!, for tacos, for movies, for pizza, for salt lake, for the winter not alone, for grocery shopping, for shows and for the rest of the stuff I can't remember.

Thank you Tom for "Tom jokes", oreos, rides, snacks, 10 hour road trips, bon fires, late nights even though you work early in the morning, for expensive gifts, for texting me and keeping me from becoming a recluse, for besties, for letting me follow you around like a lost puppy, for fixing Noemi's iPod, bike rides, watching scary movies and chick flick with me, for inside jokes and outside jokes, for introducing me to Boston and Marion and for being Ford's roommate, otherwise I would not have grown to kind of understand him and to love him like I do now, thank you for letting me hold hands with you (starting in the winter when I had to pry your hand open and ending with you just knowing that if we sat next to each other I would ultimately end up holding hands with you, you are a good friend.).

Thank you Marion for being the girl version of Noemi's replacement (Tom being the boy version), thank you for rides in yo SUV ma!, for half of your food, for cocoa bean, for clothes, for fashion advice, for boy advice, for long talks about human nature, for introducing me to Bryce and Ladd, for quesadillas with jam, for devo lunch, for dressing up on tuesdays, for a sanctuary in the winter when all was lost, for play time in the summer, for my failing grades in the summer, for tanning, for the sandbar, for letting me borrow your shoes, for shows, for letting me cry, for cutting my hair, for letting me live with you for a week, for letting me live with Kaylie for some of the 10 day break, for loving puppies as much as I do, for much much more thank you.

Thank you Boston for being so extra-ordinary, for knowing more about life than I do, for our drinking party at the park, for loving puppies also as much as I do, for just being my friend, for surprise meetings in the library with Brittani, for making me laugh, for your boston accent, for making me braid your hair.

Thank you Kat, Gatita, Katelyn, for agreeing to let me live with you and being my roommate, i would have been homeless with out you and I would have been depressed, thank you for pillow talk, for late nights, for slutty comments, for leggy dresses, for your awesome wardrobe, for watching scary movies with me and screaming really loud, for decorating my side of the room for my birthday, for being happy to see me, for being an awesome roommate, for wearing cheetah print tights.

Thank you Bryce, for going to the water park with me, for understaning my situation because we were in the same situation, for being crazy Bryce!

Thank you Harper, for going on that "Harper-Vickie day in SLC", for getting all those girls to live with you in that house. The vegbo house! I will never forget it, for making awesome themed parties and themed outings.

Leah isn't around but I'd like to thank her because she is something else.

Thank you Tyler for still wanting to hang out with me.

Thank you Emily (who won't see this), for the beach, the club, jordan!, for food, for late nights, for making church bearable when I thought I had lost all my friends.

Thank you Saychelle and Rachel for making my winter here so incredible!

Thank you Kynslie for crafts, for boy talk, for shows, for your boyfriend, for moving here, for crafting with me, for being funny and witty, for hanging out with me, for letting me sleep over and thank you Jamie for the same.

Thank you Morgan.

Deeeeep Breath.

I think that is about it but if I forgot someone I will edit this ASAP!