Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friends? BEST friends.

I did an event Saturday morning*. It was the North Point Mall Funfest. I got to paint mostly children. Among those children I painted a lot of "Best Friends". And I noticed a pattern that I should have noticed a long time ago. One is always quieter than the other. I guess you can't have 2 talkative girls in a friendship. One must step up and be the boss. 2 girls in particular stand out. This set of Best Friends was a little white girl and a little black girl. (I'm not racist I just don't want to assume she's African-American just cause her skin was black. She could have been Dominican.) Guess who was the talkative one? That's right, the little white girl! I asked her what she wanted painted and I painted her, then I asked her friend what she wanted painted on her face and little white girl didn't even let her talk! She answered for her friend. She was so bossy.

My BEST friend is coming back!!

*In case you weren't aware, I got a job Face Painting and (temporary) Tattooing with Air Illustrations (they're on facebook look em up.)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

40 Hour Train Back to Penn

Here's my long awaited list of favorite things from my trip last weekend.

- Laura, my boss, can talk to ANYTHING. I don't talk in the car so she talked the whole way up and the whole way back and I really only had to say "oh yeah." "mhmm" "yes" "that's true" "tell me more"
- Cincinnati, OH
- Guy on a his motorcycle with 5 raccoon tails on the back of said motorcycle.
- Being out in the middle of nowhere.
- thinking i was in a scary movie like Texas Chainsaw
- (this is not my fave but you need to know) NO RADIO. no music whatsoever, just Laura talking.
- Laura can drive, talk on the phone, and write something down!
- Sleeping while Laura got a phone call (because she can talk for hours)
- driving on bridges
- Amish people at the Travel America we were at.
- Little Amish boy with his Amish overalls and Chuck Taylors!
- Falling asleep when my head hits the pillow because it would be rude to sleep in the car and leave Laura to talk to herself
- Amish teenage boys walking into town. There was 2. They were stroooong!
- all the rednecks were so incredibly nice! (i call them rednecks cause thats what they call themselves)
- very attractive redneck men in boots and carhartt jackets. love it
- Every man that we talked to that was married would talk about their wife like they were THE most beautiful person in the world. every chance they got.
- Jokes!
- a 7 year old boy in a mini monster truck!
- Cleveland, OH
- Little Italy in Cleveland
- Lakeview Cemetery
- President Garfield's Monument
- Tiffany Stained glass
- All the different trees in the cemetery
- Postcards for Noemi
- Real Italian luuuunch!
- Joey Sylvester! SUPER nice guy and cute!!
- I can't get over how nice everyone was!
- Evil Knievel guys were nice
- The Smoky Mountains/Blue Ridge Mountains were AWESOME!
- Finally getting home!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Tomorrow I leave for Pennsylvania to paint faces at the Cornfield 500 (look it up on facebook. It's a 14 hour drive from her to PA. I'm pretty excited. I'll document my stay by making a list of my favorite things that I see on the way and also my favorite things I see during Cornfield 500 and I will report back ASAP!