Saturday, September 11, 2010

40 Hour Train Back to Penn

Here's my long awaited list of favorite things from my trip last weekend.

- Laura, my boss, can talk to ANYTHING. I don't talk in the car so she talked the whole way up and the whole way back and I really only had to say "oh yeah." "mhmm" "yes" "that's true" "tell me more"
- Cincinnati, OH
- Guy on a his motorcycle with 5 raccoon tails on the back of said motorcycle.
- Being out in the middle of nowhere.
- thinking i was in a scary movie like Texas Chainsaw
- (this is not my fave but you need to know) NO RADIO. no music whatsoever, just Laura talking.
- Laura can drive, talk on the phone, and write something down!
- Sleeping while Laura got a phone call (because she can talk for hours)
- driving on bridges
- Amish people at the Travel America we were at.
- Little Amish boy with his Amish overalls and Chuck Taylors!
- Falling asleep when my head hits the pillow because it would be rude to sleep in the car and leave Laura to talk to herself
- Amish teenage boys walking into town. There was 2. They were stroooong!
- all the rednecks were so incredibly nice! (i call them rednecks cause thats what they call themselves)
- very attractive redneck men in boots and carhartt jackets. love it
- Every man that we talked to that was married would talk about their wife like they were THE most beautiful person in the world. every chance they got.
- Jokes!
- a 7 year old boy in a mini monster truck!
- Cleveland, OH
- Little Italy in Cleveland
- Lakeview Cemetery
- President Garfield's Monument
- Tiffany Stained glass
- All the different trees in the cemetery
- Postcards for Noemi
- Real Italian luuuunch!
- Joey Sylvester! SUPER nice guy and cute!!
- I can't get over how nice everyone was!
- Evil Knievel guys were nice
- The Smoky Mountains/Blue Ridge Mountains were AWESOME!
- Finally getting home!


  1. It's only ok to use derogative stereotypes if said person refers to themselves that way.

  2. sounds awesome! Ugh, I might get in business with a lady that seems to talk that much. It is HORRIBLE though. Did you have patience for it? I love the part about how nice the men were about their wives :) Also I'm glad you're so stoked about MONSTER TRUCKS! :) Oh and strong Amish boys and little ones in Chuck Taylors. That's awesome!