Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friends? BEST friends.

I did an event Saturday morning*. It was the North Point Mall Funfest. I got to paint mostly children. Among those children I painted a lot of "Best Friends". And I noticed a pattern that I should have noticed a long time ago. One is always quieter than the other. I guess you can't have 2 talkative girls in a friendship. One must step up and be the boss. 2 girls in particular stand out. This set of Best Friends was a little white girl and a little black girl. (I'm not racist I just don't want to assume she's African-American just cause her skin was black. She could have been Dominican.) Guess who was the talkative one? That's right, the little white girl! I asked her what she wanted painted and I painted her, then I asked her friend what she wanted painted on her face and little white girl didn't even let her talk! She answered for her friend. She was so bossy.

My BEST friend is coming back!!

*In case you weren't aware, I got a job Face Painting and (temporary) Tattooing with Air Illustrations (they're on facebook look em up.)


  1. You should post pictures of some of your works.

  2. so between you and your best friend- who's the black one and who's the white one?

  3. that is the coolest job ever. i wish you could paint my face!