Sunday, October 14, 2012

Best Part I

I miss having a best friend. I haven't had a very best friend since Marion moved away and left me here to die. I just imagine myself standing on a dirt road Marion driving away and leaving me in the dust. But that didn't happen of course. I just miss doing best friend things.

Don't get me wrong, Tom is a really good best friend but there is nothing like having a girl best friend. When you have a girl best friend you can cry when you feel left out. But not with a guy best friend because they get all weird and they just pat you on the back without saying anything. And they don't understand why there is water coming out of your face. When you have a girl best friend you can get ready for a party together! You can put some music on and dance around while you put your make up on.There are just so many things that girl best friends can do better than a boy best friend. Just the other day I was watching Terminator and it had this scene where Sarah Connor and her BFF are getting ready for a date and they're all dancing and having fun and I almost cried because I want that.*

I have friends obvi, but sometimes I just want someone to be at my house when I get home from work that just wants to be with me and I want them to love me and I want them to play with me. I just described a dog. That's what I need, a dog.

But its like a catch 22 or something becuase to have a girl best friend then you can't have a guy best friend because girls think you can only have one best friend. But I don't want to get rid of my guy BFF because they offer some really great insight sometimes! But a married lady can have a girl best friend...but I can't get a married best friend because I'm not married! And why do you have to be married to be best friends with a married chick! Why can't I get a married BFF? Just cause I ain't got a ring on finger? I'm with Tom all the's the same damn thing as hanging out with another married couple except we don't sleep in the same house at night...and stuff.... ok, the ranting is over.

I'm going to make a Best Friend Application or I'm going to get a dog....I think a dog will do.

*I DO NOT want anyone to come over to my house and ask me to get readyfor a date with them.