Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve post

Today is my daddy's Birthday! Happy Birthday to him!!!
It is also christmas eve and I am preparing myself for the huge feast that will be held at my uncle's house. There's going to be really yummy food! And I just really like hanging out with my cousins! My cousin Manny and I get along really well only because he thinks I'm really funny and I think he's really funny. Other than that we have nothing in common. He is really mexican and I am not. He actually laughs at the fact that I act so white. The words "Oh my gosh Vickie you are so white" have left his lips at least twice every time we hang out. I currently have to be very careful around Manny's dad because I think he's mad at me for going with Manny to get tattoos. So I'm the bad influence. So other than tonight being kind of awkward around my uncle I think it's going to loads of fun! 
Christmas time is always fun with my family. I can just picture it now... My uncle Manuel walks in with like 4 bottles of hard liquor and my cousin Pablo walks in with two 24 packs of beer even though there are already two other ones already there before the party starts. The women all finishing up whatever dish they were assigned to make. The smell of spices and what not in the air and all the little kids running around in their Christmas attire fighting over who they think will get the better presents. The young adults all sit around in the living until they are called in, to eat so that the grown ups can eat after them and they can keep the table for the rest of the night as they drink and talk about years passed and people they haven't seen since they left the motherland. And then out of nowhere someone busts out a guitar and the man most sober at the table plays it while the others sing along. Its like a drunk musical. Sometimes they even end up crying. The women, only mildly intoxicated, laugh at how their husbands are so drunk not realizing that although they are only mildly intoxicated they too look pretty silly just laughing at their husbands. The "ponche" (tea) is ready to be had, the young adults take their mugs outside and sit around continuing their conversation about how boring it is to just sit there. Those who are daring, go back into the kitchen and pour some tequila into their ponche hoping that the parents are too drunk to notice what they are doing. Midnight strikes, hugs and wishes of a merry christmas are thrown about. And then goodnight as people start to pass out and the kids start falling asleep where ever they can find a quiet little corner to sleep in. Everyone says goodnight but its not over because tomorrow on Christmas Day we will all get together again for leftovers. Christmas day is chill. 

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  1. man, mexican christmas sounds awesome. my holidays go like this:
    day 1- light the menorah (sp)
    day 2- i get a dradle (sp)
    day 3- talk about the macabees and why we celebrate chanukah
    day 4- read something in hebrew
    day 5- get another dradle
    day 6- give up and get a christmas tree
    day 7- talk about how odd it is that no one in my family has bigger noses