Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dear Barret D. Lybbert,
(and Marion)
Had my mother given me a different middle name I would gladly tell you. I thought about writing an entire post about my middle name. The subject would be my full name of course, with a pronounciation guide. I would tell you it's origin and why my mother picked this name. I would give you a brief history of how my aversion toward my middle name came to be. But alas I just can't bring myself to do it. It's not that I HATE my middle name it's just that NO ONE can pronounce it correctly and am therefore subject to ridicule. I say it, pronounce it, and use phonetic writing to help people but it is all in vain. When I get blessing or set apart at church I often think that maybe I shouldn't admit to having a middle name but the bishopric would know I were lying. These men have such trouble pronouncing it that they often whisper it and say it really fast so as not to embarass themselves. My mother is the only person who knows how to say it because she loves this name so much. Even my siblings have trouble saying it. Actually, come to think of it, I don't even think my siblings know I have a middle name! There are a handful of people that I have told my middle name to and they always forget it. Which I am not complaining about. I once told someone my middle name on the condition that he did not try to say it after I told him. He said it and I will never tell anyone my middle name again. Now the only person that knows it is Zach Gibson, only because he is sneaky and wrote it down. Don't bother asking him, he is sworn to secrecy. Maybe one day, when we are in the same place, at the same time, sharing our deepest darkest secrets I will tell you, with the condition of course of that you do not to try to say it. For right now, let's just say my middle name is "A" pronounced "Ay".

Yours Truly,

Victoria A. Morales


  1. whatever, i know it too. Its Victoria Adoboda Morales.

  2. Thanks, Thome! I was dying to know.

  3. ah-doh-bawd-ah, it's really not that hard . . and incredibly delicious if you squeeze lime on it and occasionally pour on a mixture of red and green sauce, and if they don't over cook the meat

  4. Zach spills all the time. No joke

  5. We usually have to ask our server to give Zach a cup with a lid like they do with little kids.

  6. i have the same thing you have with blog posts, with the comments i leave. i have written so many comments and then, just deleted them and never wrote anything..... this has happened hundreds of times.

    so here is my comment:

    first - i would have read this a long time ago, but i wasn't "following" you and therefore didn't know that you had posted, however, i did think that i was following you, so i didn't ever bother to check.... until now. and i'm so glad that i did because you have posted so much recently.

    second - i've realized that i don't mind not knowing your middle name. [you should write it down and mail it to postsecret....] i wish i knew, but i'm not mad if you don't want to tell me - it is one of the many interesting things about you. [i can't really think of too many considering we've ne'er met in person. and speaking of that, when are we?]

    third - i have been thinking about the same thing recently [regarding music.] when i first heard Lady Gaga and and saw her freak-esque personae, i was like - "really [with seth and amy]? and i figured she'd be a one hit wonder. i thought she was an attention whore. i wrote her off as a talentless freakshow. then, i saw a couple of her performances and the [ten minute] music video of her song: telephone feat. beyoncé [only watch the clean version if you choose to see it - which you should because it is amazing and awesome!] so then seeing those things made me investigate her, i watched more live performances, i watcher interviews of her with Ellen [love] and Barbara Walters, etc. And I was so impressed because Lady Gaga she actually sings really well, writes all her own songs [music AND lyrics], she works out choreography, she dresses herself, AND she is very good at the piano too, etc. Initially I was afraid to admit that i potentially liked a manufactured pop star, but that fear was gone when I found out how talented she really is [it sort of legitimized why I liked her].

    BUT now, I've realized that it is okay to like some artists, movies, songs, whatever, just because. You don't have to criticize or legitimize things just because it doesn't "fit" into your regular likes or your friends likes/interests, etc. I can just like Lady Gaga because: her songs are catchy and there is nothing wrong with that....

  7. that makes me mad that that person said they wouldn't say your middle name out loud and they did it anyway. 1 that was totally rude and 2 they ruined the chance for all of mankind.