Thursday, June 4, 2009

La Familia Morales-Gomez

Ok so I got the idea to blog about my family from Marion. The only difference is that I don't talk about my family at all. When I do mention my brother or sister friends always say "Oh Vickie you have a little brother/little sister? cute!" Sometimes they even say "Oh Vickie, you have parents?" and sometimes I hear "Bickie no tiene madre" (< that one was funny only if you are Mexican)

I'll start with my parent because I do in fact have those.

My parents met because my mom's gay uncle had a crush on my dad and he invited my dad on a business trip to Guanajuato and to visit his family. On this first visit said Uncle wanted my dad to date my Aunt Ana so they went on a date kinda, they just walked around the little town. Later my dad went with this uncle again for another business trip and this time he met my mom. They dated. My dad was in with her family. My mom met my dad's parents and my grandma said to my dad "you should marry her." My grandpa LOVED her more than any of his kids. They had been dating for 3 months. My dad went to mom's house to ask her dad for her hand in marriage (how romantic) they said 2 or 3 hours later they were civilly married. He went up for the weekend and wanted to take her home with him but her parents probably would not have allowed it so they got married so she could go home to Mexico City with my dad. Later they had a big huge wedding in the Catholic Church. So my mom used to have this guy that was in LOVE with her. Said guy's name was Miguel Angel (Michael Angelo yeah?). He was a family friend and he volunteered to drive her to the church. Little did anyone know he wanted to kidnap her! My mom was 3 hours late for her wedding because of this guy. Side note -- 2 years ago said dude came to the states with his family because he is a family friend, he pulled my mom aside while at a family party and told her that he was still in love with her after all these years and that he would leave his wife and kids for her if she wanted. creep-- I digress. So my dad is standing at the alter waiting for my my mom, meanwhile people are starting to talk and getting restless. In mexico when people get married the groom and the groom's men wear the same exact suit and you can tell who the groom is because they pin a flower to his suit. By hour 2 my grandmother walked up to my dad at the alter and took his flower off so that he wouldn't be embarassed. Finally my mom got to the church 3 hours later. I don't know exactly what happened those 3 hours that she was gone because I've never asked her but I imagine they were spent arguing with Miguel Angel and trying to convince to take her to the church. A year later they had their first baby and they named her Guadalupe Noemi Morales. Named after both my grandmother and my aunt. When I asked my dad why he married my mom he told me that it was because he knew he was never going to find anyone like her again if he didn't marry her. Very logical. When I asked my mom how she knew that he was the one she said that the first time they kissed it was different that all the other guys she had kissed. Very emotional.

I have decided to write this in multiple blog entries first because i KNOW you don't want to read more right now, second because i'm bored and third because the others I think would be just as long as this if not longer.


  1. Im bored. Good thing you're splitting it up.

  2. I'll finish for you.
    Guadulupe: not only is she my older sister, she's shorter than me and on a mission.

    Hermano: That's my little brother. He speaks Spanish with a bad American accent, and his name is Spanish for Herman.

    Dani: We don't know where she came from because my mom never got pregnant after Hermano, but she looks like a mix between Guadalupe and myself, so she must belong.

  3. mar did you really get bored? sorry!

    lol@ quinn you are right about it all

  4. Haha Vickie your family sounds great so far. I can't wait to hear the rest.