Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Guadalupe Noemi Morales Gomez

I know this is a bad picture but that is Noemi on the left. She has her hair buzzed. Allow to me explain.

Born: March 31, 1987

Guadalupe Noemi Morales Gomez. Her first name is also my grandmother's name and her middle name is also my aunt's name. She was born 1 year and a month after my parents got married. We used to call her Mimi until her and I started middle school. She was a brat and when she was about the age in the picture she used to sing and dance at family parties. Our uncle would start sing with her and she would yell "YOU DON'T SING!! YOU DON'T SING!!" When he would stop singing she would continue. Has everyone heard the story about MY 5th birthday party? BRAT. About that picture: one night my cousin was getting his hair buzzed and she was jealous. She begged and pleaded my mom to buzz her hair too. She cried and she pouted until my mom actually buzzed her hair.
We became best friends in middle school. But before that she would KILL me if she ever found me in her room and she never wanted to play with me. I hated her.
She is currently on a mission and this is the first time that I have been without her since I was born. I miss her so much and I can't wait for to get back. Or for her emails on Mondays. She's so awesome. During our "show" years she used to get us backstage allll the time just cus she was cute and she was easy to talk to. She gets scared easily and whenever she has a nightmare she always crawls into my bed. I miss her.


  1. Well this was unnecessary. Did you even bother reading my comment on your last post? (it's REALLY funny)

  2. yeahyeah i read it! but i wanted my own ok?! is that ok with you quinn? huh?huh?
    plus you didn't know that her hair was shaved!