Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What was that now? You want to fight me? OK!!

Remember when I blogged about how I was going to fight my roommates? Well it's a new semester, new rooommates, new friends, new people's asses to kick.

Please remember that I would never fight you for no good reason. Or would I?

Katelyn: She's my room roommate. I would run into my room wait for her by the door and at the right time I would slam the door in her face. I won't just swing the door but I would most literally hit her with the door. She would be a little woozy from that but I believe she would still try to hit me so I would punch her in the face slam her face into the wall, Bam! Done

Erica: She's scrappy. But I can take her. We would be in the kitchen because she is so domestic. I would grab a pan and hit her over the head with it she'd fall to the floor unconcious and I would kick her only once though. Bam! Done.

Dareece: Homegirl is straight up hood so I KNOW she fights dirty! She'd come at me with her fingernails but I would go for her hoop earings and her hair. Since she'd be swinging I would punch her straight in the face. It would slow her down and then I would tackle her and knock the wind out of her. But she'd be packin' heat so she would pull it out and I would yell "IF YOU POINT THAT GUN AT ME YOU BETTER PULL THE TRIGGER!!!!" Bam! Done.

Beth: Oh gosh, I'm scared of her! Can we move on? maybe I could get a punch or 2 in but it wouldn't hurt her. I would run. Unless I had a bat, then we can talk.

Carolyn: I would kick her in the shins. Then I would get behind her and kick her in the back of the knees so that she falls to the ground I would kick her in the face Bam! Done.

Boston: She's short and I believe she would also fight dirty so mostly I would do the same as with Dareece. Except once I knocked the wind out of her I would have to sit on her to keep her from coming at me again! Boston wouldn't quit.

Marion: I'd just punch her as many times as I could. I think we would go at for awhile but then I would grab her arm twist it behind her back and scream "SAY UNCLE AND APOLOGIZE!!!!" Bam! Done.



  1. Oh, go have a period or something!

  2. done! . . . oh wait, you were talking to vickie . . .

  3. just so you know, when you mess with marion, you mess with her whole family! and you bettah watch out for the dyers!