Monday, March 8, 2010

A list is a list is a list is a list is a list

I love Mondays because:
1. The weekend is over and I get to be home alone again! All I'm saying is that if your brother and sister faught as much as mine do, you would be happy for the weekend to end too.
2. I get an email from Noemi! I always share my deepest darkest fears, problems, secrets, and crushes with her and she always just says everything I need to hear. Even if those things aren't always what I want to hear. But more often than not she tells me in a way that won't make me angry because she didn't tell me what I wanted to hear. She's a good sister and a good missionary.

In todays email she told me that I should make a list of things I am grateful for. I kinda think it's cheesy but it has to be done. I would write in my journal but let's face it....Who has one of those anymore? ha! Who remembers how to hold a pen? Yeah, not me! I didn't go to school this semester, remember!? So here it is my beloved friends, A list....(You can stop reading here if you want.)

I am grateful for:
* My friends here in GA. Rachel (aka Fabs), Saychelle, Rachel P, Jamie, Emily, and even Morgan. (because everyone knows I hate too much estrogen.)
* Movie Soundtracks.
* Text messaging
* My dad
* My mom
* Dani (because she thinks I'm funny and laughs at me the same way Noemi laughs at me and I miss Noemi)
* Felipe (aka Flipper) because when he isn't a hostile teenager we have a good time together.
* Talents that keep me occupied
* My Bishopric
* My faith
* My knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Atonement.
* Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
* My extended family
* Text messaging
* People that tell me I'm funny.
* Noemi's emails
* Blogs
* The relatively warm winters of GA
* The scriptures
* Test messaging (have I mentioned this before? Well I'm really fond of it, ok!?)
* Music
* Prayer
* Music with no words
* Netflix instant play

There's more but I can't think right now. I'll edit this as they come to me.


  1. i am grateful for january 2008 when we became friends, but not grateful for the habit we all developed that semester of staying up until 3 am every night

  2. Quinn there were nights we stayed up unitl for or 5. We were so crazy then. I got to bed by 1130 or midnight everynight now. Also, vickie, I like like your list and I think you're halarious, so. . . .

  3. Thnks Zach! i'm SOOOOOOO grateful for that winter too! it was so fun!

    I still stay up till 4 somtimes. i still love you guys so much! i miss you! both of you. and tom too.

  4. dude. where TF. have you been all my life. why TF. did you not tell me you knit. we talk everyday and this didnt come up. teach me immediatly and i wont freak a leak.

  5. haha rachel! i'll teach you!

  6. letters from sister missionaries (no pun inended lulz) are the BEST. My sister ALWAYS says the right things too.

  7. I'm grateful for also, and many of the things on your list.