Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"you and your weird theories"

This is a List

1. I don't have friends. (meh... I don't care because it's easier this way)
2. I dyed my hair can you tell?
3. We moved finally.
4. We don't have hot water yet.
5. We don't have internet yet (i'm stealing this internet connection right now)
6. I miss my besties.
7. I miss my besties A LOOOOOT!!!
8. My little sister is black and she's got me talking black like her.
9. I don't have a bed yet.
10. My truck broke.
11. My truck got fixed.
12. I forgot how to write a blog.
13. Dani and I have good pillow talk. I talk she listens/asks questions
14. I miss my besties. Texting is just not enough.
15. Noemi has been out for 6 months. One year from now she will be back.
16. What to do for Halloween? Mexican Club? Home alone with scary movies (no candy)? Try and go out with people from church? To dress up or not dress up, that is the question.
17. Hey Jealousy, whats up?
18. Cold weather would be nice.
19. New heels for the fall
20. General Conference? Ok, thank you!


  1. this comment is for the purpose of telling you that i say " i miss vicks at least twice a week"..when you said you missed your besties, that includes me riggghhht? I miss the pillow talk, and having someone who has a missionary with the same amount of time left as me.

  2. Of course that included you!!! I miss our pillow talk because I run out of things to say and Dani doesn't talk very much, she would rather just listen, comment and ask questions. ONE MORE YEAR FOR NICK!?!?!?!???

  3. I miss you, I'm taking care of your bests but we are all eagerly anticipating your return


  4. yeah, vickie, you should probably just come back. also, i think you are good at fighting so you could fight people i don't like.

  5. i forget that you're not up at school. I hope to visit in the Winter and be a besty for a day or 2 :)