Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Dream Post

So there I was riding a horse. Learning how to control the reigns when something scared the horse and I fell off. I blacked out but when i came to the horse was standing on it's hind legs and talking. He was apologizing to me for throwing me off. I was like "horse, I'm ok!" and he was like "I thought you went into shock and I was scared because I didn't know what to do." Right when he finished saying that he fell to the floor and went into shock. I got up and I started running toward what looked like the Benson Building. Dani and I were running to look for some help. But Dani looked like she was 8. So I was running around the Benson looking for Noemi. I was out of breath and crying. I looked in a room and I saw Noemi so I knocked on the door and asked her teacher if I could see her. I was sobbing, I couldn't breathe i was trying to tell Noemi what was happening but she was coming at me like I was a kid. Then I realized that I was like 5 years old and Neomi didn't believe anything that I was saying about the horse. Her whole class was laughing and like "oh she's soooo cuuuute!" Then I woke up with a terrible stomach ache and I wanted to throw-up.


  1. you were in kentucky weren't you... eh eh. don't worry the horses name was diamond i think, and i rode him once. he tried to pull the whole "im in shock, i'm in shock!" thing...if you ever have that dream again, don't believe him. freak, after the derby those horses just go stir crazy til someone throws down some dough on them.
    oh this was funny, and miss you girl

  2. I had the exact same dream! Except instead of a horse there were people shooting at me. And instead of Noemi I could fly. And I woke up tired instead of sick. We're like the same person.