Sunday, October 25, 2009


I've been watching a lot movies lately because we get, Starz, ShoTime, HBO, Encore, and Sundance for free (aaaand I don't have friends). I will tell you about these movies so I have something else to do.

In the movie Blindness the world suffers an epidemic of "white blindness", where the infected see nothing but white. They describe it to be like "someone turned on all the lights". The epimedic is highly contagious and soon the first people to go blind are put into quarantine in an old mental hospital. Julianne Moore plays the wife of an eye doctor, Mark Ruffalo. She seems to be the only in the world that is immune to the "blindness". She lives in quarantine with her husband and hides the fact that she can see. After being in quarantine for some time, the people in this place create a sort of nation. The stronger ones (ward 3) prey on the weak. Ward 3 begin to hoard food and ask the weaker ones to pay for the food. They are just power hungry, hateful people. Once they run out of possesions to trade for food things turn for the worse and the good people are forced to do unthinkable things. The story is gruesome but it's realistic as far as human nature goes. It shows the audience that sometimes we are not in control of everything and that if we want to survive we have to believe in something bigger than ourselves. The movie was terrifying and I had to force myself to keep watching it because it was really sad, but the end was so great and I was really glad I finished it. It literally gave me chills. I don't know that I would watch it again because it made me really sad but I do recommend it.

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  1. What the hell is Mark Ruffalo doing marrying Julianne Moore? Isn't she like 50?