Thursday, October 29, 2009

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

He also directed Run Lola, Run and one of the shorts in Paris, je t'aime ("Faubourg Saint-Denis"). Stars Alan Rickman, Dustin Hoffman and Ben Whishaw.

This movie is about a guy, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. He was born with a strong olfactory sense. The story follows Jean from birth. He grows up in an orphanage and then sold to a tannery. Since these are the 2 places he has ever been, the first time he goes to the city is incredible for him because he smells so many different things, like spices which he has never smelled before, and women. He smells one in particular and he falls in love with her scent. He accidentally kills her and from then his goal in life is to learn how to capture scent. He starts to work for a perfumist in that city but he moves to another city where they can teach him more about capturing a scent. He figures it out and he begins to kill women for their scent.
The movie is beautiful because it give smell an image. Does that makes sense? The director did a good job in putting images in the right place so that you could somewhat understand what Jean was smelling. The thing about this movie though was that it got kind of weird at the end. I didn't like the end and I think they should have just wrapped it up sooner that it did. The movie became a tall-tale without warning and it was very unsatisfying. If you watch the movie you'll understand what I'm talking about. I wouldn't watch it again and if I decided to tell someone else to watch it I'd tell them to turn it off as soon as he gets caught (I'm not spoiling anything, they show some of this at the beginning of the movie). So in conclusion, I liked everything but the end.


  1. this sounds [really] good.
    i will watch/view/see/love it.

  2. beware of naked ladies (with armpit hair). just sayin.