Sunday, December 6, 2009

Since I have my 2 front teeth...

All I want for Christmas is...

A leather jacket. (BACK OFF PETA! I don't have time for you)

    -Because I can dress it up.
    -rock it out.
    -or just grab a bright colored hoodie and be totally casual.
    It's reasonable for me to want this.

    Some Doc Marten Boots.
    Beacuse look at how cute they would look with my leather jacket.

    That is all.


  1. oh shoot gurl.
    I got a (fake) leather jacket at wet seal and I feel totally bad A when I wear it. Don't tell anyone it's fake.
    Also, I used to want doc martens so bad because Stephanie Tanner from Full House really liked them.

  2. haha yeah actually i would go for a fake leather jacket too. whatev as long as it looks right!? Didn't i list that as one of my reasons too?

  3. (dislike) oh hey look, you created a post about what YOU want for x-mas on MY birthday. pretty freakin selfish vickie