Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Use your words.

Sometimes when Tom gets all flustered he can't say what he wants and he sounds like a4 year old. But that is not what I wanted to talk about.

I have always loved words. That's not to say that I am good with them by any means but I love them nonetheless. I guess I could add "words" to my list of Unrequited Love (note to self: let's make a list of all my unrequited loves). Sometimes I hear words that cut me, right to the heart. Words slay me. Sometimes I hear words that I can't get out of head. When I find someone that can string words together beautifully and artistically it is like magic to me.

Lyrics are my one vice. Lyrics will make or break a song for me. If I like the music to a song and I find that the lyrics are somewhat trite or ugly for some reason I won't like that song. And when I hear the music to a song and it is mediocre but the lyrics are fantastic it can easily become my favorite song. Find me a boy who can write lyrics to charm me and I would give up everything for him. Cue in Andrew Bird. What a man! ZPG and I were talking about Mr. Bird a couple nights ago and we were more or less analyzing a couple of his songs. With one of his songs (Fake Palindromes) he made me understand that, to understand one word, is to understand the whole song.
And hey, let's give credit where credit is due. I will admit that Pete Wentz is a tool and he has become a product of the record labels and the fame. But before the fame I was a slave for Pete's words. He used to be so eloquent with words. So much so that he made me want to hate someone as much as he did when he wrote the cd "Take This to Your Grave". If it helped me to write better, I wanted to be heart broken and wrecked ("Stop burning bridges, drive off them so I can froget about you"). And the EP "My Heart Will Always Be the B-Side to My Tongue" (aka I will always say what I feel never what my head tells me I should say). Just the title made me say "Why can't I write like that! Oh and there's Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack. He never fails to make me gasp for air at the words that he sings. And Nate Ruess formerly of the Format. Words fail me in describing how "Inverntions and Lullabies" and "Dog Problems" makes me feel, so I'll just leave it at that.

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