Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Knitting!!

What if I just made this a knitting blog?....It's all I've been doing lately and look what came in the mail for me today!!

18 bamboo knitting needles sizes 10mm-2mm. They are awesome!! I'm kind of like really happy right now, don't judge me. I'll make you something. Give me money so i can buy the yarn and send it to you.

Oh and JK about this being a knitting blog...I'm too funny to only blog about knitting projects! haha! HA!


  1. I think you really should have a knitting blog. What can you make? And where can I send the money to?

  2. I can make anything you want, probably. If I can find a pattern for it online I can make it. You can send money to 34 Howell Landing Duluth GA, 30096.

  3. SWEET I love my bamboo needles!