Thursday, January 7, 2010

"She gets it from her mama"

The other day my siblings and I were fighting (pretty normal in our house). Dani was calling Felipe a turd, I was yelling at them to stop. Then my mom walks in and stops the fight. She proceeds to lecture us on how we all have dirty mouths and we should learn to clean up our laguage. Just then she rememebers the pot she left on the stove and screams "OH SHIT! IT'S BURNING." Oh mom, you are such a hypocrite. We laughed because it was funny but my siblings and I went on to point out to her that the reason we have dirty mouths is her fault. In spanish the phrase "no chingues" is the english form of "F*** off". My mom says this to us and expects us not to use it? She tried to defend herself by saying "You guys call each other turds! It's the same as calling each other shits, my children call each other little shits..." No mom, it's not the same.
This is not to say that I blame my mom for the language used in this household. My dad gets blamed too. He laughs whenever he hears my little sister swear which in turn tells my brother that he can do it. He thinks it's so funny in fact that sometimes he will say to my sister "remember when you said the f word? hahahaha say it again!" or "remember when I said mothaf***er? You say it!" My dad also gives us all the bird whenever he leaves the room.

Who are these people!?


  1. Haha, your house sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. BTW, my blog about the moon might be the funniest thing I've ever written. Why didn't you comment on it. I just new you would tell me how funny I was. Then I would blush and smile and my self esteem would go up and I would be a happy man.

  3. Zach on the count of 3 we'll both say it!

    Yeah I love that guy too

  4. like.

    are you allowed to say?

    the "joder" word.
    the "coño word.