Saturday, January 16, 2010

My days are filled with needles and knots.

I've been practicing my kniting skills. i made a hat and mitten combo!


  1. It looks awesome! Where's the vegan fox???

  2. vegan fox? i don't get it. but if you are in need of a knitting project i could use a hat, mittens, and a scarf. i'd pay for you to ship it out here. better yet you could bring it out to me personally and i'd pay for all your food, lodging, and entertainment

  3. Shoot girl!
    You're so knitty (kinda like witty?'s a compliment I promise).

  4. Mar- the vegan fox is next. i'm just afraid i won't be able to make the head...i'm scared. but it's coming. i'm also waiting for my new bamboo needles that i just baught on ebay.

    Quinn- i will post a picture of the vegan fox(not to be confused with megan fox) when i make it, it will be awesome. and I can do that. what color do you want? and when can i come?

    Zach- I have the perfect brown yarn for you. just gotta go buy it...

  5. GRAY, dark gray for everything please