Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Them be fightin' words"

Apparently boys think about fighting people.
I've never really thought about it until today when Tom and I had a lovely conversation about fighting people.

I'll just tell you what my game plan would be for my roommates since they are the people I see the most.

Debra- She's tall. Way tall. So I think I would give her a dead leg so she'd fall on the floor and then I'd kick her in the face. Done!

Jeri- Her hair is really pretty but it's long and that gives me the advantage. I would grab her by the hair and hold her head and punch her. After that she would just cry and be mad and walk away. Done!

Liz- I don't think I could beat her up. But I could get some punches in. I think in this fight we would go at it till we got tired.

Laura- She's my height and our hair is the same length. She is a beast! Have you ever seen the girl play Basketball!? or futbol for that matter! I would be scared to fight her but I think I could come out on top... With her I think I would Punch her in the throat so that she would stop flailing her arms and then I would punch her in the face and give her a dead leg. And maybe kick her in the stomach. Done!


  1. haha I haven't thought about fighting people for some time, but I don't think the people I thought about fighting were my roommates. If it were to come to that:

    Phourde- Ford eats a lot. So I'd hide all his food and money and starve him until he was weak. Then I'd hang him over the edge of the roof and say "how do you like it?"

    Zach- Sac would kick my butt in a wrestling match, so I would do everything to keep it from turning into one. Kicking, scratching, pinching, biting, poking in the eye, wedgies, etc.

    Tom- Thome has never met Bubbles. Therefore I would recruit the drunken clown to jump out of closet and yell "SUPPLIES!" Seeing Hubert for the first time would send TLWJR into a state of shock so severe that his fists of fury would be rendered utterly useless. Since Thome is good at punching and not wrestling, I would then proceed to grapple him.