Sunday, March 15, 2009

just a post

new friends are bomb!

old friends are still as good as ever

favorite saying for the weekend "remember when..."


  1. I actually like all your new friends....cause they were my friends first. but I am glad you are friends with everybody now.

    oh and remember when I told you about how I called my grandma

  2. Vickie, I really hope I am one of your new friends because you are one of my new friends and I really like being friends with you! Also, you are very funny! I like your post about beating up your roommates.

  3. Leah, yes you are one of my new friends, I like you a lot you are also very funny.

    Tom, I know I stole all your friends, thanks. I laughed out loud when you reminded me of when you called your g-ma! gets me everytime!

  4. I think it was you, or maybe Noemi. Anyway, who knew you would end up not only not hating our new friends, but liking them.
    Also, I'm glad that Thome calling his grandma is a funny story, because the rest of his post sounded genuine and sincere. As I read it I started thinking to myself "I leave Rexburg for a week and suddenly Tom is serious?"
    I'm glad I was wrong.

  5. Yeah it was both of us. I still hate all your other new friends that I don't know yet. But I'm sure they are as cool as the ones that I have already become friends with.

  6. Im a new friend!!!!!!!!!!! Im one of them, and probably the favorite... I'm just saying.

    Remember when Tom called his grandma?