Monday, March 16, 2009

Danielle Morales

That is my little sister.
I was just sitting here drinking the rest of my Coca-Cola Classic that I had for lunch and I was thinking how yummy it is. Then I remembered this story about my little sister. When she was like 4, something was wrong with her insides and so she was not alowed to drink Coke but she loved it so much. My dad was selfish and he kept buying them and he would have one for every meal and 1 or 2 in between meals. This made my little sister so sad because she loved coke so much and she couldn't have any. Sometimes my dad would feel so bad for her that he would wait for my mom to turn around and then he would give her a sip or 2. She would smile so big. The coke can would touch her hands and slowly she would bring the can closer to her lips. I could swear that as the can got closer to her lips it would shake because of her excitement. She would tilt her head back and once the liquid touched her little lips she would make a noise that sounded like pure ecstasy. She put the can down and with her eyes still closed there was a sigh, a sigh of relief. Like that small sip of coke was all she needed to go on with her life. She loved coke so much.
I miss my little sister. She is so awesome, the end.


  1. plus she looks like you. and noemi. combined. so that's good.

  2. Strangely, that story put me on the edge of my seat.