Thursday, January 8, 2009

It took way too long for me to get here

I'm not going to type out what all happened on the way here because I don't want to anymore. I made it here alive and thats all that matters. I'm currently addicted to the Kings of Leon again after not listening to it for a good month. Its kind of weird that Noemi isn't here with me its like she's here but I just don't her, you know? Your probably don't. I really missed my friends Quinn, Tom and Zach. I forgot how awesome and funny and super unique they are! It's like I never left. I went to classes today and I talked to more new people today than I did all of last semester. I think people are much nicer in 2009. But also I think it might be me? HA. I miss GA already though. Well my friends there! I miss all the crazy girls and of course come sunday I will miss cage fighter (if there are no cage fighters in my ward).
I forgot how cold it is here and I forgot how much I hate the icy pavements.
I'm still jet lagged so I'm about to go to sleep

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