Saturday, January 31, 2009

Van Gogh and the Gypsie

I had another note worthy dream last night. It was like a movie.

I'm in the Snake River tubing. It's me, my mom, Noemi and Debra. It's incredibly easiy to swim in the river even though the current is really strong. It feels so good to be able to swim with no effort at all. I end up losing everyone that I went there with so I swim upstream to find them. But I'm not swimming I'm flying and I pass over all these happy people and I feel the need to tell them that tubing alone is not fun. I find Noemi and Debra and they tell me that they lost my mom but they want to go anyway. I miss my mom so I want to stay and wait for her but I can't wait anymore. Flashforward I appear at my job in a city, I think it was supposed to be New York City. My building is big blue and all the staircases are spiral staircases. The walls are all a shade of blue and everything in the room is a cool color. I feel at peace when I walk in there. My boss is trying explaining to me what we do. She tells me that we are an advertising company and we are unique in that we get customers by predicting what other advertising companies are going to come up for their advertisement and then we show them our idea and we always do it better so we are a pretty famous company. I'm just the assisstant. The secretary comes in and says "excuse me boss, Van Gogh is waiting out here for his consultation" I get really excited because I have always wanted to me him. I look at my boss and I tell her that I will go get him and she says "wait you are going to need someone to help you, he can't really walk and he's fat." There's this other girl that volunteers to helps me with him. We go out there and there is a Blue guy with yellow hair (the same color scheme as Van Gogh's drawing of the flowers) So i figure it's Van Gogh but when I asked him he just pointed at this short fat old man laying on our couch like he owns the place. My boss tell me that I can go home now if I wanted because Van Gogh was going to be there the whole time and he was difficult. I leave and I end up meeting up with some friends. We all get into a car and we go do donuts in what we think is an abandoned construction site. As we are doing donuts I look up through the back windshield and I see Jude Law looking down at us from a pole at the construction site (he was a worker) and so I smiled at him and he smiled back and I fell in love with him. We left. A few days later we went back to that same construction site and we did donuts again. I looked up again in hopes that he would be there again and he was! I yelled to my friends "There he is! He smiled at me again! I'm in love with him!" and then him and the other workers threw paint on the car to get us out of there. Since we were doing donuts the paint made beautiful swirly designs on the window and I fell in love with the colors.
I went back to my job and I sat next to this old lady with her granddaughter. On the opposite side of the room was a really attractive young man. The grandmother was a gypsie and she thought the young man and her granddaughter should be in love so she cast a spell to make them fall in love. They looked at each other and you could see that the spell had worked. We are now outside in an allyway that looks really dusty (it more or less looked like this). The grandaughter is walking towards the young man and a bus passes by and instead of going with the young man she walks into a door in the wall that was not there before. Later in my dream I found out that her walking into this door was a metaphor for her dying. She got run over by the bus. The young man learns to live with this. Years pass and I am babysitting a little girl. I see the Gypsy Grandmother when I am at the park watching this little girl. The Gypsy Grandmother comes over to me and she tells me that this little girl has the spirit of her grandaughter and that because her grandaughter didn't get to love the young man she is back to love him however she can. Cue the young man who is now older. The little girl I am baby sitting runs to him and she acts like this guy is her brother but I haven't seen him since the Granddaughter died. I watch them walk away hand in hand into the sunset.

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