Friday, January 16, 2009

Silky Smoov?

Males and females get into arguments about who has higher pain tolerance. Girls always think they have won the argument by saying "You wouldnt be able to have a baby!" or "Have you tried waxing!?" (I said "think they have won" because I think guys just get tired of arguing with us so they just quit) Let me tell you something, I will NEVER wax my legs again. I have some friends-- whom I will not name in case they care--that wax. I tried waxing my legs last night. I don't know how they do it! I applied the hot wax on my legs, I knew it was going to hurt so I told debra to pull the strip for me. Oh it hurt so bad I wanted to punch someone in the face. I looked at my leg and it was smooth except for the goose bumps that I had from the pain. So I thought "hey, beauty is pain! I can do this!" I thought wrong. I did a second strip and wanted to die. Debra kept telling me that she only did 2 strips too and then she stopped. I felt like a wimp so this time I thought "Its going to hurt but I think if I did my whole leg I'll feel very accomplished!" I put on the third strip and Debra ripped it off. This time I just got up and washed off the left over wax from my leg. I didn't care how good I would feel inside knowing I waxed one whole leg, it wasn't worth the outside pain! I was left with a patch of silky smooth leg. In conclusion...boys, more power to ya, I'll stick with shaving.


  1. i believe guys are bigger wimps when it comes to dealing with pain, but waxing is horrible! have them try it lol

  2. I've never waxed my legs, but I had my eyebrows done once. I had a scab above my eye for about a month...

  3. I tried it, along with 2 other guy friends. I'm not going to say who the bigger wimps are, but we even ripped it off ourselves sometimes, not a tear was shed . . . just sayin