Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Creative outlet

Since knitting in the summer makes me hot and sweaty (not really. but if i think about it, I imagine myself knitting on the couch umcomfortably warm. you know?) I have moved onto fabrics! I bought a sewing machine, remember? Well I've been making Dani a dress that she will soon be able to model for you!

Today after my 20 min work out I felt that I wanted to look cute today. So I made a couple of headbands out of some scrap fabric and ribbon. I like them I think they are cute.


  1. cutest. I love filling my time with crafts and sewing and such. I am well on my way to becoming elderly. DONT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU. (Also dying your hair grey doesn't help either...I got past that one at least.)

  2. vickie i know you won't take a comment like this seriously from someone like me, but yes, this is very cute. also harper, you made me wet myself. figuratively, not literally.