Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weather: Parlty Cloudy with a Chance of Rap Music

As you all know. I live in GA. More specifically Duluth, GA. I used to live in Atlanta and I still go to the singles ward in Atlanta. Atlanta is where the playas play. Where the parties don't end till 8 in da mornin (it's true I partied this weekend and I didn't sleep till 6 am and I was the first to leave). And it's full of peeps that give directions that sound like this: "you funna get awn da two-eadie- figh(285) goin wes, den you funna get offda two eadie figh and get back awn it goin eas."..."oh ok sir, why can't we just get on the 285 going east in the first place?"

The reason for this post is this, Hip Hop. Or rap music. Whatever you want to call it. Atlanta is the Hip Hop Capital of the world--or so claims our radio station, 95.5 The beat--. Over the years I have learned to appreciate hip hop. I've come to appreciate latin music (which I consider a branch off of hip hop, stuff like ragaeton), ATL latin flavors flow from Miami and New York. I have even come to appreciate country, that is not to say that I love country, but if a song is good I won't deny it. And I think that's my point today, that if a song is good, there is no need to deny it. You don't have to close off your music appreciation just because you claim to be "indie", "alternative", "emo","punk" or even "hip hop". I love music and I know a lot of people that say they love music too. And now, I will be talking about someone in particular who shall remain nameless. In talking to this person you'd think that maybe they like music more than I do. But just the other day I heard this person ragging on hip hop. I'm a little biased because they were ragging on one of my favorite songs. If you claim to love music as much as you do, shouldn't you be able to appreciate all music and not just the music you dress up for? Because this person is that kind of music brat. I don't even know where I was going with this angry post but I just would like that person to know that if you're going to come up to me and say "Oh you 'look' like the kind of person that likes music" don't just assume I like a certain type of music. I like Hip Hop as much as the next ghetto fabulous person. And don't insult my favorite song. Oh and Lil' Wayne is the shiz! AND if you are going to move to ATL from another state don't expect ATL to be Hip Hop free. Just learn to appreciate it, trust me, you will be happier and your booty will be happier cause you'll be shakin it! Your favorite hip hop song might be one that was covered by a band but trust me, the original is better, they always are.


  1. i remember i used to think it was my job to keep good music elite . . . and then i graduated high school. music snobs need to get over themselves :)

  2. haha! i like this idea: "shouldn't you be able to appreciate all music and not just the music you dress up for?" 'Specially the last part. It's funny how music is the number one determiner for someone's style. And I like the thought of people's bootys being happy. My booty is very happy. Thanks to Britney Spears and whole bunch of other pop, hip hop, and r&b goodness. Not to mention one of my favorite genres of all time- electronic dance mu.